No, the sentiment is actually NOT surprising at all. There are no lengths that Democrats won’t go to in order to get rid of President Trump. We have seen this over the years –

lies, impeachments, set-ups, lawsuits and more. The Democrats and their media cohorts will give up the entire country in exchange for “getting” Trump.

So when one of them actually says that Trump should be shot, we are NOT all that surprised. We know that’s how they feel. They’re just usually not stupid enough to say it out loud to the media.

But that wasn’t the case recently when Democratic congressional delegate Stacey Plaskett, a non-voting representative for the Virgin Islands, told MSNBC’sThe Sunday Show” that Trump deserved the death penalty – by gun.

The American Wire News report Plaskett, who served as a House manager during Trump’s second impeachment trial, was on the show to talk about the federal indictment of Trump relating to classified docs.

Plaskett, who has decided that Trump is guilty without the luxury of a due process and a trial and being able to prove himself to be innocent, told the host of the program, “Having Trump not only have had the codes but now having the classified information for Americans and being able to put that out and share it in his resort with anyone and everyone who comes through should be terrifying to all Americans.”

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She continued by saying, “And he needs to be shot – stopped.”

Many on Twitter are wondering where the Secret Service is and if they will be at her front door for an investigation for inciting violence and threatening a former president.

But most of us live in the real world and understand that a Secret Service visit to Plaskett’s home is very unlikely to occur.