Always high on the list of Democrat priorities is killing babies. Years ago, they came up with a pretty way to market it, calling it “choice.” More recently, they describe it as “health care.”

In their latest quest to kill more babies, the Democrats have come up with legislation to use federal funding to train more abortionists. The bill is called, of course, “The Reproductive Health Care Training Act.”

Health care.

I’m actually surprised they didn’t call it something like “The Baby and Family Health Care Act” in their attempt to conceal the real work that they support and revel in.

Breitbart News reports that Senate Dems want to use $25 million of our federal taxpayer dollars over five years to train health care workers on how to perform abortions. The legislation is sponsored by women (go figure) Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Patty Murray (D-WA).

Murray’s press release about the legislation says, “The nonstop Republican attacks on reproductive health care are having a chilling effect not only on patients seeking care, but also on the doctors and nurses who provide it. We need to make sure that health professionals in every state can receive critical training in reproductive health care – even if they have to travel to other states to get it.”

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She continues to say, “Abortion is essential health care, and, like access to abortion care itself, access to comprehensive education and training in abortion care is vitally important.”

If abortion is truly health care, then so is the execution of murderers on death row and that is how we should start describing it every time the Democrats try to block it from happening.

Also in the limelight recently promoting the killing of babies will be VP Harris during the first anniversary of the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24th of last year. Breitbart News reports that our VP will give a “major speech” about how how horrible the Republicans are in their effort to save babies in red states across the country.