It appears that the woke has grabbed ahold of the fast-food chicken restaurant Chick-fil- A and folks on the right are NOT happy about it at all.

The fast-food restaurant chain is not open on Sundays due to the beliefs of its late founder, a devout southern Baptist, who believed in Sunday Sabbatarian, which is the observation of the Sabbath in Christianity, in keeping with the Ten Commandments.

The Christian beliefs of the franchise has long produced ire among the left who likes to rant about the separation of church and state even though no such thing is in the Constitution.

But what about the separation of church and chicken? Yes, that doesn’t exist either. What DOES exist is our freedoms of speech and religion which drives the left nuts.

Because of their Christian beliefs (and the left’s hatred of them and trying to stop them from opening restaurants across the country), Chick-fil-A quickly became a favorite of the right after the LGBTQ+ community labeled them as bigots.

But is all that good will and chicken-buying in jeopardy now that Chick-fil-A appears to have become CHICKENS themselves and caved into leftist ideology???

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Podcaster Joey Mannarino tweeted last week, “We have a problem. Chick-fil-A just hired a VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This is bad. Very bad. I don’t want to have to boycott.”

The DEI website page for Chick-fil-A says at the top “Committed to Being Better at Together…” I’m not sure what that even means. It’s not good sentence structure.

On the page, it says, “Chick-fil-A’s corporate purpose is ‘to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.’”

They go on to say, “Our founder, Truett Cathy, believed that ‘a great company is a caring company,’ and since the beginning, care has been at the center of everything we do. We understand that the path toward Better at Together looks different for every business. At Chick-fil-A, Inc., our commitment is to approach this work with intention and humility, always believing the best in one another and striving for common ground. We’re early on in our journey, but we’re honored by the opportunity to steward our organization’s greatest asset – our people – and are energized by the road ahead.”

Erick McReynolds, VP, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion says, “Chick-fil-A restaurants have long been recognized as a place where people know they will be treated well. Modeling care for others starts in the restaurant, and we are committed to ensuring mutual respect, understanding and dignity everywhere we do business. These tenets are good business practice and crucial to fulfilling our Corporate Purpose.”

In order to be “Better at Together” Chick-fil-A is focusing on ensuring equal access; valuing differences; and creating a culture of belonging.

That’s their right. As I stated before, they have the freedom of speech and religion. They can do what they want.

And so can their customers. Their DEI program is not going over well with conservatives across the country who have been supporting them over the years.

Conservative Ron Filipkowsky tweeted, “Who’s next? Hobby Lobby? AR-15 manufacturers?”

In a poll that Mannarino posted on his Twitter feed, 53.4% said “no, do not boycott” Chick-fil-A and 46.6% said “yes boycott.”

So maybe Chick-fil-A chicken is tasty enough that their foray into the woke won’t cause them much harm. But 46.6% is still a lot of people to lose if that is the temperature of the room across the country.

Bud Light and Target haven’t fared well lately due to their wokeness. Are chicken sandwiches the next casualty?