Last Saturday was a special day at the White House. It featured a “Pride” event which showcased the trans flag (or whatever new design of the general perv banner is prominent this week) taking place of precedence over the American flag.

Yes, that’s a signal. It says that the Biden administration’s commitment to the trans absurdity is more powerful than their commitment to the United States. So thus, when a guy who has had surgery to look like a woman decides to crash the party by publicly baring his new mezzanine level, why is the Biden administration so upset?

Said they, “This behavior is inappropriate and disrespectful for any event at the White House. It is not reflective of the event we hosted to celebrate LGBTQI+ families or the other hundreds of guests who were in attendance. Individuals in the video will not be invited to future events,” a statement said.  Guess what Joe? You threw the party. Now you’re upset that the attendees really got into the theme? For clarification, let’s hear from the man with the fake fun bags.

“I fully support the movement and freeing the nipple,” trans exhibitionist Rose Montoya said. “My trans masculine friends were showing off their top surgery scars and living in joy, and I wanted to join them. And because it is perfectly within the law of Washington, D.C., I decided to join them and cover my nipples just to play it safe.” Actually, suicide amongst victims of the trans trend is quite high. But hey, what are innocent human lives compared to the “joy” of sexual mutilation?

“I had zero intention of trying to be vulgar or be profane in any way. I was simply living my joy and my truth and existing in my body,” added Montoya. His truth? Uh, no. Truth is truth. It is not individually subjective. In this case the truth is that Montoya is a guy, a very confused guy.

Ted Cruz on Biden’s trans obsession, “He’s failing miserably,” Cruz said. “It used to be appropriate to wear a suit and tie to the White House, but now apparently you don’t even have to wear a shirt.”

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Add this to the list of ways Biden has degraded the prestige and decorum of the office of the President of the United States,” Cruz noted. Not to mention, the guy’s rack was not that impressive.

“While a statement of condemnation is an appropriate first step, this President must demonstrate a course correction to the American people by ending his attack on biology and common sense,” Texas GOP Rep. Pete Sessions chimed in.

The Biden administration veers between tragedy and farce so frequently it’s hard to keep track. This is yet another one of its farcical moments. There will be a lot more until January of 2025.