Pay to play. Getting money in exchange for favors or access.

It’s a staple with Democrats. It’s why they become politicians. The Clintons and the Bidens have turned it into an art form.

And yes, the Republicans do it too – but not on such a massive scale. That’s mostly because Republicans will get caught and jailed whereas the Democrats never seem to pay any price at all. They always have their allies in strategic places of government and the legal system so that the corruption and illegality that they are awash in is completely ignored. And if they DO ever get caught and enter the legal system, they get a slap on the wrist even if they ARE involved in bribery and treasonous behavior.

So it’s no surprise that the Biden Bribery Scandal, which House Republican Conference Chair New York Rep. Elise Stefanik calls “the biggest political corruption scandal in the past 100 years” is largely being ignored by the Democrats and their leftist media friends.

They are doing this for many reasons: They want to make sure Biden is re-elected. They don’t want Biden to look worse (or as bad) as Trump. And if they ignore it, it’s not real.

But mostly I think it’s because they all do the same thing – so it’s not a big deal to them. Who cares if Biden and his relatives got millions in a trade for services or promises? That’s how the American political system works. It’s an age-old enterprise by our politicians to use their positions to live high on the hog and rule over us.

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So what if foreign governments give cash to Democrats to get what they want? It’s been done since the beginning of time so why stop now?

Democrats are not loyal to American or Americans. They are loyal to their party, their power and their wealth. And nothing will ever stand in the way of that. Not the Constitution, not the law… certainly not the Republicans.

Republicans can expose the Dems all they want in their media outlets and congressional hearings but the Democrats are Teflon. Not only do they emerge unscathed, they usually come out of it even better on the other side – with more donations and more positive media coverage.

The only way Biden will pay any consequences for his actions over this bribery scandal is if the Dems get to the point where they don’t need him anymore – when he’s outgrown his usefulness.

At this point, our puppet president is the frontman for the Obama administration’s hopes and dreams to destroy the country. Once President Disaster can’t help them with that anymore, they will throw him under the bus – and they’ll finally get rid of him.

But he’ll still only end up with a slap on the wrist – and lots of extra spending money from the Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians and everyone else who paid him off in the meantime.