A new poll reported by the American Wire News shows that 59% of Americans want Trump pardoned – and he hasn’t even been convicted of anything yet.

In a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, a survey of 2,090 registered voters, reports that 53% of those surveyed said if Trump was convicted and sentenced to jail for his handling of classified documents, they would support a president pardoning him in the interest of national unity. That support comes from 80% of the Republicans, 30% of Democrats and 48% of independents.

55% of those polled say that the indictment was politically motivated and 56% consider it to be election interference.

And even though 44% of those polled say Trump is probably guilty of the charges and should be convicted, even more people (a whopping 72%) think that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information with her emails and 69% say that she obstructed justice by destroying the emails.

In addition to that, 65% think that President Biden mishandled classified information with the documents found in his home, office and garage.

This may be why the same polling also shows Trump leading Biden in the presidential race by about six points. Although, we’ve heard this sort of thing before, haven’t we???

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