The GOP always promises us things to get us to show to the polls but they rarely deliver. That’s why former President Trump was such a breath of fresh air. He actually did what he said he would do – and we were pleasantly surprised. Shocked actually.

Trump proved that things – BIGLY things – could actually be done. He was a stark contrast to most Republican presidents of the past who moved at the speed of a snail, if at all, to push through the conservative agenda that we have always been promised.

Trump also knew (knows) how to get attention and gain support. How to bring things to light. The Republicans are clueless about that side of politics. They are usually spineless and also content with standing in the background and not fighting for anything.

I turn on my TV every day and I look for the promised non-stop wall-to-wall investigations and hearings that we were promised if we elected Republicans last November.

I look for the the January 6th hearings to expose all of the FBI informants at the nation’s Capitol that day. I look for testimony about the over-charging of Trump supporters and the lack of due process for those taken into custody. I look for hearings about Nancy Pelosi’s involvement in not having enough security on that day. I look for testimony from banks who unconstitutionally gave the federal government banking information without warrants. I look for all of the video from Jan. 6th that the Democrats haven’t released. What’s up with that, Kevin McCarthy?

Crickets. That’s what I hear from the Republicans.

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Instead, the Republicans have released a portal to get more information on what happened on Jan. 6th. Instead of being on the offense out of the gate, they are on a fact-finding mission. Don’t worry though. The Republicans have created their own Jan. 6th “committee” with “dedicated” staff so I’m sure they’ll be on top of things – in a few months…or years.

I have also looked for big hearings on all of the censorship that has went on (and continues) between the Biden federal government and their leftist social media friends. I look for hearings into all of the cheating and corruption and interference in elections to put Biden and other Democrats into power. What about hearings on the coup of President Trump and the Mueller investigation sham? What about Obama’s participation in going after Trump? What about the DOJ being politicized?

What hearings the Republicans actually have are pretty much one-and-done. A day of questions, a lack of media coverage and bad marketing of what happened. And no one is ever held accountable for anything.

We are a few months into the Republicans being in charge of Congress and nothing big is happening. I want shock and awe. I want hearings every day, all the time, every second. I don’t care if they don’t do anything else. They can use all of their time to hold hearings and block bills. Block the Democrats. That’s why I voted for them. That’s what I want them to do.

The Republicans need to get their crap together. But I won’t hold my breath because they have almost always been incapable of doing so.