I really have a lot of respect for John Solomon who has been the tip of the spear, exposing a lot of the corruption coming out of the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

Day after day, I see headlines from Just the News detailing just how corrupt the Bidens are, from their connections to China and Ukraine to all of their shady shell corporations to move money around and bribery allegations.

I’m pretty sure, at this point, the whole Ukrainian war thing is now part of some large hush-money operation where Biden is paying Zelenskyy to keep quiet about past dealings while our prez sends billions of dollars to him every week from the DOD.

I often wonder if this whole pay-to-play Biden crime operation has been a more recent development after learning how much money the Clintons have made from their foundation and other pay-to-play operations – or if Biden has been a crook since he stepped into politics.

Other patriots, in addition to Solomon, including the New York Post, author Peter Schweizer, talk show host Dan Bongino and a few others have been looking into the Biden Crime Family for years and have outlined their many criminal enterprises. It’s a long list of conspirators that includes multiple Biden family members who have enriched themselves because of their proximity to Joe Biden. And it looks like old Joe gets a kickback from everyone as documented in a Hunter email. Joe is the “Big Guy.”

I commend all of these efforts to expose Hunter and Joe and the other Bidens, but in the end, I don’t see anything substantial coming out of it. At best, Hunter Biden might get dinged for a charge on a gun purchase or pay fines for his tax issues but I don’t see him going to jail or actually being held accountable for much of anything. The Democrat Mob protects their own and any Biden who gets charged for anything, including Hunter, will receive minimal repercussions for their crimes.

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The Republicans, on the other hand, have no protection whatsoever, when the Democrats decide to go after them. The Democrats chose a person and then go after crimes, not the other way around as the law is supposed to work.

Right now, NY Republican Rep. George Santos finds himself a target of the Biden DOJ who is too busy going after the Portugese gay Republican to look into the multiple misdeeds of the Bidens. Santos was indicted on 13 criminal charges by a federal grand jury last week and the Democrats are very excited about it.

Meanwhile, outlets like CNN are finally having to cover some of the Biden corruption but their new line of defense is, “…the latest report does not show any payments made directly to Joe Biden, either as vice president or after leaving office.”

Duh, CNN. That’s why we call it the Biden Family Crime Syndicate. They are all on the payroll to help old Joey get bank. It’s not brain surgery.