The destruction of Donald TRUMP has been the goal of the Democrats ever since he announced his run for the presidency after his trip down the escalator at Trump Tower.

And no amount of character assassination, lies, lawsuits, conspiracies, hoaxes, subversion, treason, criminal behavior, impeachments, unconstitutional behavior, unlawfulness, collusion, censorship, riots, assaults, arson, inflammatory rhetoric, racism, sexism, sedition, insurgency, demagoguery, or ruinous strategy has been able to take down Orange Man Bad.

It’s gotten so bad that they throw a fit if any of their own media outlets (in this case CNN) even gives the old man a platform to spew his “falsities” and “disinformation.”

You would think that they would be excited to have the Trumpeter on their shows so that they could “expose” what they call his lies and unacceptable behavior – but it just upsets them that he gets any kind of platform at all – and that there is any audience approval of what he says.

The American Wire reports that one of those shocked and incredulous folks in the media who can’t believe that Trump is still alive and kicking and in the running to be president again is The View co-host Ana Navarro. She is shocked and dismayed that all of the stuff they have done to him hasn’t worked. He actually STILL has supporters.

Navarro ranted on the TV talk show, “Anybody who had any illusion, who harbored any illusion that the Republican base was going to turn away from [Donald Trump] because he is twice impeached, because he’s indicted, because he was found liable 24-hours before of sexual abuse and defamation, because of all the legal woes, because he led and supported an insurrection, because he lied bigly – Anybody who thought the Republican base was going to turn away from him saw this week that that is not going to happen.”

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That won’t stop the Democrat party from trying to bring him down though. It’s more than just their hobby, it’s their career – their reason for existence – and ratings. They won’t be deterred.

Even after John Durham exposed their Russia hoax, they just shrug it off and move on to the next thing.