These days, corruption in our nation is off the rails. It doesn’t matter where you look. People are willing to lie to us—no matter how blatant the lies are.

We are being lied to by politicians—which is to be expected. I mean, politicians lie all the time—so that’s normal.

But when every member of the President’s cabinet is willing to lie about anything and everything, how are we going to have faith in anything?

It’s clear that the southern border is wide open with millions of people streaming in illegally—and yet everyone on Biden’s team tells us day after day that the border is secure when that is absolutely not true.

And the result of the invasion they claim is not happening is the destruction of American neighborhoods, cities, and the very fiber of who we are.

And the people that are supposed to hold the government, policymakers, and politicians accountable are not doing their jobs at all.

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The national media is failing all of us by not doing their job and keeping our government honest.

The Durham Report demolished the entire Russia, Russia, Russia narrative that was pushed for years, but today, you would have no idea how damning the Durham Report was if you watched the major networks.

On most cable news, it’s ho-hum. “Nothing to see here. Durham Report? What Durham Report? Hey, did you know Mexicans can be white supremacists?”
And it’s not like there aren’t any honest journalists willing to tell you the truth.

I am, along with many others, and that is why the news landscape is changing, and people are coming to listen to what I have to say. Independent reporters continue to grow while traditional outlets continue to fall.

I mean, the New York Times and the Washington Post won’t even give back the illegitimate Pulitzer Prizes they won for covering an utterly fake story.

But after pushing it so hard, it is hard to let go of the lie you have crafted so well for so long—even when it ultimately falls apart. Just ask Dick Blumenthal.