The headline from “Just the News” reads “Biden DOJ seeks emergency court order allowing it to continue releasing illegal migrants into U.S.”

If that isn’t, slap in the face to Americans everywhere…if that isn’t totally treasonous to our country, I don’t know what is.

The entire Democrat party is in dereliction of their duties to protect the sovereignty, safety and welfare of the country and the American people.

So who is it that our federal government is protecting and fighting for? Illegal aliens.

With the lifting of Title 42, all of their dreams are being realized. The dreams of the Democrat party.

Their strategy is two-fold:

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They want more future Democrat voters and they are making a zillion dollars off of all this. At least all of their Democrat friends are.

Grant after grant and taxpayer dollar after taxpayer dollar (millions of them) are being handed out to counties and cities and states and NGOs and anyone willing to throw the American citizen overboard and take care of the needs of the illegal aliens who are breaking into our country (with the help of the Democrat party).

Weasel News reported on a memo that the head of the Border Patrol sent out that authorizes the release of illegal aliens into the country with NO COURT DATES if the agents are too busy.

Yes, come one, come all. Terrorists, criminals, whatever… anyone who wants to come in, you are welcome, welcome, welcome say the Democrats.

In their court filing, where the federal government wants to protect the never-ending flow of illegal aliens into out country, they laughably say that any type of restraining order against what they are doing will “irreparably harm” the country.