It just seems the world is turning faster every day, doesn’t it?

I mean, who doesn’t feel like George Jetson on the treadmill with Astro running faster and faster?

Jane, stop this crazy thing, would you please?!

But as I look around and listen and watch what is happening here and around the world—it becomes clearer every day that none of this is an accident.

All these terrible policies look like they have been years in the making—and that’s because they have.

Each time you hear about some crazy idea, and you think nobody would ever buy into that, you should be thinking something altogether different. You should be asking how long they have been working on this one and if it is too late to stop it.

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Eating bugs? Yeah, nobody would go for that—except that it is being pushed by the elites around the world to “save the planet.” The same goes for bulldozing American and European power plants. We would never do that in exchange for random power based on when the wind might blow or the sun shines without clouds—except that is exactly what we are doing.

How long ago does the year 2000 seem to you right now?
I know I’m asking a lot of questions today—but you have to understand that the United Nations Agenda 2030 is very real and very dangerous not only to us and America but to the entire free world. Remember, only about 30% of the world is actually considered free—the vast majority of the nations on the planet do not allow freedom to flourish. They don’t care about free speech or the freedom of religion because they cannot and will not be bothered by such unimportant things. Many of those governments rule with an iron fist—operating with near total control of their populations.

That’s why our southern border is being overrun, and our nation is threatened with extinction. I will get back to that in just a second, but first, let’s look back at when this really took off—and it was not very long ago.

It was in the not-so-distant past that the rhetoric of ‘fundamentally changing America’ returned to mainstream political discourse. It was brought there by none other than Barack Obama.

That’s right, the junior Senator from Illinois was the one that was elected in 2008—at least, that is what we were told. He was in office for eight years, and he promised us things would be different with him in charge—and Barack Obama delivered on those promises.

Today, the results of those dangerous policies are really setting in—and the question remains—can we ever stop it?

Today we know that ever since Joe Biden stumbled into the White House two and a half years ago to keep the Obama transformation going, over 6.5 million illegal aliens have streamed into this country. No Democrat will admit that, but the numbers don’t lie. Over the weekend, more than 10,000 a day came in—those are just the ones we can confirm.

In 2023, the transformation of America is in full swing.

During an MSNBC interview, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas stated that white supremacy, not the wide open southern border, was the greatest terrorism threat to the United States.
And it doesn’t matter what question you ask—there is a pat-manufactured answer that turns out to be disconnected from reality once the truth is revealed. This is true across the administration—it is one bogus talking point after another.

What’s truly remarkable about those on the left is that —whether they are Democrats, Socialists, or faux journalists at the New York Times, Washington Post, and MSNBC—they easily avoid taking the blame for anything while at the same time wildly waving their fingers to blame just about anyone else.

By the time Joe Biden completes one term, we will have allowed nearly 10 million illegals into the country—despite a federal judge telling the administration what it’s doing is illegal.

And again—it doesn’t matter to those on the left. Whether in politics, academia, or the media, they regurgitate the same dishonest talking points. It usually goes off without a hitch, but every now and then, they get fried for it.

Ted Cruz took a reporter to task after he suggested that illegal immigration was a problem with no solution. Cruz happily reminded him that in 2020, America saw the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years. It’s not that the problem cannot be fixed. It’s that they don’t want to.