The weaponization of the government and the media against conservatives—and frankly, anyone that doesn’t buy into the progressive cult—is out in the open for any honest person to see.

The hearings on Capitol Hill featuring three FBI whistleblowers are something I just cannot ignore. It caught my attention, and it touched me—it struck a chord.

These are public servants that have dedicated their lives to serving the American people—and yet, when they came forward to voice concerns about the agency acting on behalf of one political party to destroy another, they were smeared, punished, and run out on a rail.

So, Jim Jordan and his committee called three of them in to testify—it’s clear that these are not political operatives but regular American heroes that are being crucified by the Department of Justice and the FBI for telling the truth.

The whistleblowers have been cut off from everything they dedicated their lives to. They no longer have a clearance or a paycheck—it really is the oldest trick in the book.

The threat was clear—keep your mouth shut and go along with everything that is going on, or you will get destroyed. That was the FBI and DOJ’s message, according to the testimony—to be honest, it was hard for me to watch.

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The attacks came from the Left, as I and everyone else knew they would. They smeared good men for speaking the truth.

But I learned watching the hearings—as hard as it was—that some among us are cut from a different cloth. Some of us have backbones that are rigid and straight—some will not shrink from the duty they accepted.

These whistleblowers are not like the girly men that are too often celebrated in today’s disgusting, woke society. These men understand that masculinity is not toxic—but rather, the tonic that, in part, gives rise to great families, communities, and nations. When coupled with strong women—it is an unstoppable force.

It reminded me of why I am so fortunate to be an American. People like these put it all on the line to be whistleblowers because it’s the right thing to do, just like the 41 men who put their lives and fortunes on the line to sign the Declaration of Independence. These men, who are paying a heavy price to expose wrongdoing at the FBI and DOJ, are men of character and conviction.
And it reminded me of John F. Kennedy’s famous declaration that America would “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”
Those were days when America’s leaders were willing to stand up and say that ‘we will do the right thing, no matter the cost.’