Under the cover of darkness, the J&J vax has been axed.

As of May 10th, the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine is no longer available in the

United States.

It is now gone from the shelves of American pharmacies which means you are stuck with the unproven experimental mRNA vaccines Moderna and Pfizer – unless you are able to find the Novavax vaccine somewhere.

And as I am typing this…I’m wondering…what version of the vaccines is everyone taking? How many booster has everyone had and how many boosters can you get if you wanted to keep getting them?

I’m pretty sure that even my liberal mom stopped her Moderna booster after the first or second one was offered. If the first ones don’t work then they aren’t really “vaccines.” They’re like flu shots with the government and the scientists giving it their best guess about how effective they might be.

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I did not join with the masses and rush out to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. No way was I getting an mRNA vaccine. Sorry for those of you who did because you are a walking guinea pig.

The CDC has directed providers to dispose of any J&J vaccines that they might have left over because they expired last week.

About 19 million others besides me got the J&J vaccine since it was first introduced in America. With over 31.5 million doses delivered to the U.S., that leaves about 12.5 million doses unused.

So why didn’t they send them to other disadvantaged countries in need? Who knows. The Democrats are in charge. They don’t deal in logic or common sense.