I sit here at my desk each night and try to decide what is the most important thing I can tell you about to start the day.

And with the avalanche of failures by Joe Biden and his ever more incompetent team—it is sometimes a tough call.

So far this week, we have discussed the hidden collapse of American hospitals that is being driven in large part by terrible government policies, insurance companies, and others making bad decisions that have already forced 200 hospitals to shut down, with hundreds more sitting on the edge of economic failure.

I have covered the border extensively as Title 42 is about to be lifted, and tens of thousands of illegals are expected to flood into the country with minimal screening, if any.

And I was going to start there again today, but then I saw the most remarkable, jaw-dropping testimony on Capitol Hill that revealed the effect of Chinese Propaganda on America and those working in the Biden Administration. The most pervasive piece of propaganda has been the war on American energy, and the Green New Deal.

I cannot decide if this is blatant incompetence or the willful pursuit of the Green New Deal as a fanatical religion practiced by those serving in the Biden Administration and millions more who trust everything they are told.

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First of all, let’s look at this: portions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula were pummeled with more than 30 inches of snow to start this week—and it’s May!

That’s right. It appears that places like Marquette and Sault Ste. Marie are several feet above average for the year. From what I can tell, Marquette is seven to eight feet above average.
The same is true all the way out in California, where they have had the biggest snowpack in years. In fact, all the doom and gloom predictions about Lake Meade and Lake Powell drying up from Climate Change have been silenced as the drought conditions all over California have ended! That’s right; there is no drought in California today! Isn’t that weird, considering that the Green New Dealers were telling us we would soon be in a once-in-a-thousand-year crisis? Wrong Again!

And when Ivey and I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico, a month ago, all the locals told us it was the most snow that area had seen in more than 20 years!

This is all very odd, considering the Climate Radicals that are ramming EVs down our throats while demanding gas stoves and air conditioners be outlawed. They have been screaming for years that our kids won’t even know what snow is because they would almost certainly never see it!

In March of 2000, David Viner declared to the whole world that within a few years, snow would no longer occur. Gee, you may want to phone the folks in the Sierra Nevadas, Dave—or Marquette, unless the power is still out. Just saying.

Anyway, so there I was listening to a Senate hearing where Josh Hawley of Missouri was asking some pretty simple questions of our Interior Secretary Deb Haaland—who is among the most aggressive in the pursuit of destroying American Energy because the planet is so warm Michigan is getting 3 feet of snow to start May.
And it was a truly remarkable exchange. Hawley pointed out that Haaland was unaware of the fact that the nation in control of the minerals needed to mass produce EVs is none other than China and that the pursuit of more battery-powered vehicles would only enrich our foremost foreign adversary.

Then Haaland told Hawley that we need to pursue the job-killing Green New Deal because America has too many jobs. I’m sure CNN had their hands full defending that one.

And, of course, these are the same people telling you the border is secure. Why wouldn’t you believe them?

These messages about climate change, border security, transgenderism, and America being racist are all being fueled and funded by the Chinese and the CCP. If you still do not understand that, then you are clearly refusing to accept the facts.

Many of these anti-American themes are also funded by Russia—but not as much lately as they are deep in a messy war with Ukraine that is not going well.

So, what about the border?
KJP had her hands full trying to explain how the southern border has been secure for all of Biden’s presidency while also now needing 10,000 troops.

That’s right. US troops are headed to the border because, obviously, it is all under control—or maybe not, huh?