John Durham delivered the final death blow to the idea that President Trump and the Russians colluded on anything—let alone the 2016 Election.

In fact, in his just-released 300-page report, Durham says the FBI and DOJ opened the case without any justification to investigate then-candidate and, later, President Donald Trump.

Simply put—it never should have happened—any of it.

So, let’s go over the list of those involved with the Trump-Russia collusion narrative and discuss what we have learned so far.

First—according to John Durham and his report—Donald Trump, President of the United States, is now and always was innocent! A man attacked and smeared for years by endless lies without cause!

Now here is the list of everyone else involved in the so-called investigation:

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FBI- Guilty
DOJ- Guilty
James Comey- Guilty
McCabe- Guilty
Strzok- Guilty
Lisa Page- Guilty
FISA Judges- Guilty
Rosenstein- Guilty
Chris Wray- Guilty
Gina Haspel- Guilty
Sally Yates- Guilty
Lisa Monaco- Guilty
John Brennan- Guilty
James Clapper- Guilty
John Carlin- Guilty
Michael Sussman- Guilty
Christopher Steele- Guilty
Stephan Halper- Guilty
John Podesta- Guilty
Fusion GPS- Guilty
Mark Elias- Guilty
Bruce Ohr- Guilty
Nellie Ohr- Guilty
Adam Schiff- Guilty
Nancy Pelosi- Guilty
Chuck Schumer- Guilty
Eric Swalwell- Guilty
And Hillary Clinton – Very, Very, Very, Guilty! 

And that is just one list—how about one more list to sum things up?

The New York Times- Guilty
Washington Post- Guilty
NBC News- Guilty
ABC News- Guilty
CBS News- Guilty
CNN- Guilty
MSNBC- Guilty
Joe Scarborough- Guilty
Mika- Guilty
Donna Brazile- Guilty
Chuck Todd- Guilty
And you know I could go on for a while. The truth is the institutions of this nation were forever harmed by the political ambitions of Hillary Clinton and her dishonest supporters inside the swamp, the deep state, and the very corrupt corporate media. You cannot even make this stuff up—I mean, The New York Times and Washington Post have still not returned the Pulitzer Prizes they won for writing fictional accounts of a fictional story.

They didn’t care as long as they attacked President Donald Trump and diminished him.

I’m curious what people who voted for Joe Biden over Trump in 2020 are thinking today.

If they had been told the truth, how many voters would have cast their ballots for Trump and not for the incompetent old fool in The White House that is falsely claiming White Supremacy and Climate Change are the biggest threats to America?

The Media, the FBI, and the Department of Justice will not recover from the destruction of their credibility until each is torn down to the foundation and rebuilt.

The calls for the FBI to be disbanded altogether sound like a better idea every single day. The DOJ should be rid of anyone with any connection to this farce that was foisted upon the American people.

And yet, nothing will happen to any of these people, and the whole dishonest circus will keep rolling along until or unless some very brave and honest people take back the levers of power.

In fact, it seems clearer today than ever that Donald Trump may be the only person able to take on this filthy collection of corrupt bastards and win! 
This report from John Durham, however, won’t cause people like the world’s tallest boy scout, James Comey, to reflect on what went wrong. It won’t give Hillary Clinton one moment of self-reflection, and it won’t faze Adam Schiff.

Honestly, I will guarantee you that Comey and Clinton’s spin machines will be running in overdrive to turn this into a misguided report that should have found President Trump at fault for something—anything.

Those who relentlessly attacked Trump will never admit the magnitude of their own deception.

The global elites behind this whole charade are beyond shame and contempt. They don’t care because they were able to steal an election in 2020 by hook or by crook. It didn’t matter what they had to do if they could toss out the barbarian who upset the gravy train running from Washington to London to The Hague and beyond.

But as I began to say, nothing will happen to any of the people or the organizations that worked to manufacture the entire Trump/Russia narrative. Sadly, it is just the distraction of the day, so you don’t think about the open borders, the crushing inflation, the attacks on personal freedom, the attacks on the United States Constitution, and the coming digital currencies that will be used to implement even more control in the name of security, safety, and, of course, climate change.

But there are a few reports coming out that give a glimmer of hope.

Some in the media, even the firmest believers in Trump’s guilt, are beginning to accept the truth of his innocence and the unbelievable depth of the FBI’s depravity. The FBI’s Operation Crossfire Hurricane and the subsequent media psy-op may represent a Rubicon moment for the American establishment. This was their great gamble to seize power forever, and they may have pushed too far.

The release of the Durham Report may signal a shifting of the tide toward a more decentralized and less powerful federal apparatus. We can only hope and see.