The failures of this administration are many, and anyone who cares to be honest knows that.

I mean, you can start with the border, where tens of thousands of people are staging to prepare an all-out invasion in less than two weeks—and you can work your way from there. The poor economy, the ruthless attacks on American energy independence, the follies into the war in Ukraine, and the failure to hold China accountable for much of anything.

Yes, the list is long.

It seems there is no sense of urgency on anything for Biden and Company unless it’s gutting the American economy or giving transgender women women’s rights. These appear to be the priorities of the Socialist Democrats in Washington and across the country.

And while that is happening, there are legitimate catastrophic issues that are being ignored. I am going to dig into these for you more often because the corporate media is either unwilling or incapable of looking out for you or telling you the truth. Either way, they have failed America, and they continue to do so every single day!

You have heard me mention it before, and today I am going to discuss with you in detail the trail of devastation across this country in the wake of more than 200 hospitals—most of them serving rural communities—going bankrupt in the past few years. This has left millions of us without healthcare nearby—and that is just the beginning.

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Today, according to the most recent Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform report, more than 600 hospitals are in financial crisis today—and 200 of those are in danger of closing immediately. That’s right, America could lose another 200 hospitals in the very near future.

That means millions more Americans could soon find themselves so far from the nearest emergency room that a heart attack or car wreck that would have been survivable before becomes a fatal event.

And what are Joe Biden and his team doing? Well, not much. In fact, hospitals in border states are in critical condition—like the one in Yuma, Arizona, that is so overwhelmed by illegal migrants that it is reported to be losing more than $20 million dollars a month—which is clearly unsustainable.

It’s so bad in Yuma that locals say they cannot even get into the hospital because it’s full all the time with people in the country illegally. When the massive surge comes in about ten days, that dangerous situation is certainly going to get worse.

According to the CHQPR report, states with the highest percentage of at-risk hospitals include Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

Some hospitals are cutting services as they try to stay financially afloat. One of the most common services to be cut is the maternity ward.
This brings me to another problem. Ambulance services are also going bankrupt all over this country at an alarming rate.

Now think about this—when do you think about the local hospital or ambulance service? Well, if you don’t work there, then it’s something you think about only when you need it in an emergency. The issue is that the healthcare emergency of closing hospitals and ambulance services is something that almost nobody is paying attention to.

And for communities that were receiving massive amounts of Covid money during the pandemic—that money has dried up. With that comes tremendous financial pressure on those hospitals that were surviving from the government handouts.

And it’s not just healthcare that is affected—the loss of these hospitals ripples through communities.

And the problem is not just emergency services, according to those on the front lines of this emerging problem. You see, people that find themselves without a hospital that is convenient often decide not to seek out normal tests and screenings.

I mean, if you go from having a local facility to having to drive an hour and take a day off from work or take a kid out of class for the day just to go get a physical, mammogram, or colonoscopy, a lot of folks just decide it’s not worth it. As a result, people are dying from preventable illnesses at a far higher rate because they never got checked.

So again, what is your government doing about this? Not much at all. In fact, Medicare and Medicaid lower the rates paid to hospitals and healthcare providers almost every year now—and those reimbursement rates are very often far below what it costs to provide those services—which means the hospitals are getting creamed.

I mean, look at it this way, hospitals and ambulance services are required by law to provide care to patients in an emergency, but the amount of money to be paid back is not enough to cover the required services. This means the government is running hospitals and other clinics out of business intentionally. There really is no other way to look at it.

Worse, according to numerous people that I have talked to directly, the time it takes to get reimbursed has gone from a few weeks at the most back in the 1990s to several months and even a year or more now!

In fact, these healthcare professionals tell me that it has gotten so complicated that hospitals have been forced to create entire departments just to run down the money they are owed under the law—and that’s money that could have and should have been spent on patients and improving care.

So, while those on the left are trying to require you and me to pay for procedures like abortions and gender-affirming care, they don’t seem to care about the local Emergency Room or the maternity ward in your area—that is just not a priority.

Think about that for a minute. They want the green light to perform a radical mastectomy on a 14-year-old or an abortion—all without telling mom and dad—but they don’t care if that same 14-year-old gets in a car crash and needs a trauma center nearby.

And they are also not worried about how little they now pay back to the healthcare providers—or how long it takes to send the check.

And make no mistake, this all leads to so-called universal healthcare.

I mean, where else could it lead? Bankrupting another 200 or more hospitals in the coming months means the urgency for some kind of care will get higher—and of course, the government, led by the socialists, will ride in on their white horses and save us from the crisis they, in large part, created with a never-ending series of bad policies.