The subpoenas have been shipped, and the demands for answers are increasing after a whistleblower claimed Biden was allegedly selling access and government policies to a foreign national while Vice President.

That is what we call a bribe in my neighborhood, but before Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman James Comer can get to the bottom of it, they will need to see the document that is apparently the smoking gun at the bottom of all of this.

The document is called an FD-1023, and it implicates the President in taking bribes to impact policy decisions in the Obama White House. Senator Grassley says, according to a “very credible Whistleblower,” the document certainly exists, and he wants it in his hand immediately.

Grassley and Comer issued letters to the FBI and the DOJ in which they stated that FD-1023“describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions”!

Grassley writes that the DOJ and FBI must come clean with the American people about what they did with the document. They must tell us where it is now, what they did to investigate the information it contained, and whether it was vetted to determine if the information was accurate.

In addition, Grassley wants to be assured that normal and proper investigative procedures were followed—but asks to know if political calculations were involved.

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This is a hard-hitting series of comments and questions—and I can tell you that Chuck Grassley and James Comer are not going to back off one bit.
In fact, Grassley expects both Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray to appear and answer the subpoena. He hopes both agencies will fully cooperate to help re-establish the recently tarnished credibility of both organizations.

The allegations of pay-to-play are gaining traction on Capitol Hill, and other heavy hitters are also starting to weigh in.

Senator Ted Cruz recently stated that the evidence of Joe Biden “being complicit and profiting from this corruption is growing and growing and growing.”

Biden’s people, however, have nothing to say at all and are running for the hills. John Kirby flat-out refused to comment on the situation during a Pentagon press conference.

And though this is a very big deal, it is not the only show in town. The disaster that is our southern border has the attention of the people, the politicians, and the press.

In fact, even some outspoken liberals are calling it for what it is. Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema pushed back against Democrats’ claims that the border is secure.

Other Democrats know this is not a good deal for them either, and many, including Eric Adams, are sounding the alarm as Title 42 comes to an end this Wednesday. They’re beginning to realize that all hell could break loose when it does.