As a woman in her 50’s, I lived through a time when the goal of mixing the races was EQUALITY not equity – and everyone was supposed to be together and get along, not be segregated. It was a beautiful time to live in and in most places, everyone got along splendidly.

Of course things weren’t perfect and racism still existed – even more so when I lived in the south where all the whites were racist against Blacks and all of the Blacks were racist against Whites – which is why I moved out of there. But for a lot of people, in a lot of communities, people got along and race wasn’t an issue in the ’80’s, ’90’s and early 2000’s.

But after Obama came on the scene, things went down hill with race relations. Supposedly, things were supposed to get better because the country had voted for a half-Black candidate to be president. But no, that wasn’t enough. If you criticized Obama, ever, about anything, even over totally legitimate things, you were called a racist.

And Obama didn’t use his time to bring the races together either. He added to the racial strife with things like his comments during the Trayvon Martin incident. Obama took Martin’s side before knowing any of the facts and told the country, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

If you weren’t on the side of Obama and Martin, you were a racist.

Obama’s words in his books didn’t help anything either, when he said things like recalling that he called his grandmother a “typical white person.” Not sure what that means… but it doesn’t sound good.

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Then along came Trump. He actually did things to help out Blacks like bring down their unemployment numbers, invest money into HBCs and he spearheaded the First Step Act (criminal justice reform). And before he was president, he was pretty well liked by all races (and many Democrats like Hillary). He was even sung about in rap songs.

But then he ran for president. And he ran against Crooked Hillary.

So in order to go after Trump, character assassination was on the menu. The Democrats and the media painted Trump as a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and many other things. It was not below their morality or character to call Trump and all of his supporters racist too – every day on their news shows, in their newspapers and on the internet.

When current VP Kamala Harris ran for president, race baiting was her thing – and she was one of the first people to talk about equity, which is one of the Democrat’s favorite words of the day.

After the killing of George Floyd, the Democrats went on steroids to go after Trump and the Republicans on race. Black Lives Matter was in everyone’s face 24/7. This terrorists group extorted money out of individuals and companies. If you didn’t donate to them and support their cause, you were racist.

Then Biden was installed as president and DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) was one of the main policy goals of the administration. It was put into EVERY department of the government, including the military.

Also during the elections, the progressive leftists (with the help of George Soros money) got as many pro-criminal prosecutors elected as they could, which as resulted in the country’s current crime wave due to criminals being released without bail, soft-on-crime prosecutors who plead down criminals (even those with a long history of crimes) and they made changes to the laws so that criminals aren’t arrested for a lot of crimes.

Racist rhetoric is still one of the mainstays of the current Biden administration. In addition to that, they have added their support of the trans movement at all costs – and it’s at the cost of girls and women having to put up with men and boys in their sports, locker rooms and bathrooms – and “grooming” children somehow became an acceptable part of the trans movement.

All of this racism talk and pro-trans support has lead to the Democrat party segregating everyone into groups based on race, gender, color, etc. And everyone has their own “day” or “week” now to celebrate how different they are whether they are celebrating left-handed Asian- American nurses day or bisexual airline pilots week.

Everyone is separated now. Everyone. We are no longer living in the world of equality. It’s just about equity. And it’s not good enough for everyone to be equal. Everyone has to be special because they are different. And treated as such.

Except, of course, if you are a minority AND a Republican or Trump supporter, all bets are off. You can be a Black trans Asian Muslim and none of those four things qualify you to get the support of the Democrat party. They will consider you an evil person.

The separating and re-grouping of people is embraced by the Democrats – and the colleges and universities are definitely on board with it as well. They spend a lot of their time and money virtue signaling and implementing their DEI policies like in the case of Michigan State University (MSU) who is spending millions on it. They are currently building a multicultural center at MSU where a whole 34,000-square-foot $38 million building is being built dedicated to cater to the needs of the “underserved” population on campus.

At Grand Valley State, they are having separate graduation ceremonies for Blacks, Asians, “Latinx,” Native Americans and LGBTQIA+.

But they aren’t alone. The Washington Times reports that other colleges and universities around the country are also having separate graduation ceremonies including Georgetown University, the University of Oklahoma, and Illinois State University. Their stated goal is to promote diversity but all they really promote is bigotry and segregation – which is really all the Democrats are standing for these days. Without Democrats around, the country would be a much happier, more more un-segregated place to live.