When you push progressive policies and decide to defund the police and not charge people for certain crimes and become the party that supports criminals, Democrat cities and states become an unlivable Hell for regular, law-abiding and taxpaying citizens.

One such place is California, which has cities like Los Angeles where crime is out of control, drug use and homelessness is out of control and so are housing prices for those who can find housing.

But don’t fret because the progressive state has a lot of free waterfront property to offer to the “homeless” – and many Californians are taking advantage of the beautiful properties that are available to them.

In a city called Novato, about a 45-minute from from San Francisco, is a line of about 135 motorhomes, cars and shacks along the water next to the 101 highway. That is where a lot of people are living – permanently – with a lovely waterfront view.

The Daily Mail reports that circumstances of people living in the progressive state of California – medical problems, the pandemic, layoffs, mental illness, drug addiction, getting away from crime-ridden cities, inflation, and more – have led many to live this new semi-unencumbered lifestyle.

And no one is kicking them out because that would just be mean.

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Lawlessness, progressives think, is a much nicer way to go – that way no one’s feelings gets hurt and no one is offended. That way, no Democrat politicians are accused of being racist or sexist or anything else that might tank their election prospects.

Some of the “homeless” living rent and mortgage-free don’t look so bad off though – like 69-year-old John Sherry who has parked his 1971 Chevy Nova, and a Ford truck as well and nice Outback trailer alongside the other “residents” beside him – possessions that look like they could possibly fund his living expenses for a few years if he sold them.

According to The Daily Mail, Sherry’s possession are worth a combined total of about $130,000. Others parked near him have boats, jet skis and other toys. I’m sure they all have cell phone service too.

Progressivism had opened up a whole new world for people these days to help them throw responsibility out the door. They can just do what feels good – whatever they can get away with – because the law surely won’t do anything to stop them.