Wow! That is about all I can say about how hard the left—and many on the right—came against Ron DeSantis both before and after his announcement to jump into the presidential race on Twitter.

Of course, the Twitter live feed was a mess—and it seems that Elon Musk and his team were not prepared for the number of people that wanted to watch. It was not good—I think that is being kind.

The conversation was billed as honest and unscripted—but that is not how it seemed out of the gate. In fact, some people called it a shee-ite show—and it was audio only, which was a terrible choice too.

But Ron DeSantis is in the race—no matter how messy it was to get rolling—and honestly—more people are worried about policies than how polished somebody is. I mean, how else could you explain Joe Biden hiding under a couch and still gaining control of the West Wing? You can cry foul all you want, but at the end of the day, millions of people cast ballots for a guy that could not attract ants to a bag of spilled sugar or answer a single unscripted question under any circumstances—and he is only getting worse.

So, it was a technical mess—and everyone from the press to the Trump campaign jumped on it—I will get back to that.

But first, let’s talk more about Governor DeSantis. For a guy they claim is so awful—he sure does attract a hell of a lot of attention.

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I mean, if DeSantis means so little to the Democrats and Joe Biden and is not a threat to Donald Trump in his bid for a second term—why on earth are they carpet-bombing this guy from every direction?

All sides that want to discredit and smear DeSantis seem quite focused on destroying him—and in my experience, that leads me to believe that the Florida Governor poses the biggest threat to both sides in the run toward the 2024 Presidential Election. Otherwise, he would not attract this level of acrimony.

So let me give you some highlights of the attacks coming from the left before he threw his hat in the ring. Attacks that were downright vicious and ruthless. I mean, you would think this guy was Ronald Reagan reincarnated.
The same Reagan has dominated American politics since 1980. Even in death, the Reagan legacy lives on.

Now, Ron DeSantis is no Ronald Ray-Gun—as the left used to call him, trying to discredit his missile defense systems that are now used by almost all Western nations and have been shipped to Ukraine.

Anyway, I have not seen the left go this crazy in attacking a candidate since Donald Trump came down the escalator in 2015… and those attacks have never let up.

It makes you think that the Democrats are just as afraid of Ron DeSantis as they were and still are of President Trump. They realize that their barely coherent candidate, Joe Biden, is in deep trouble against either one—and they are scared out of their minds.

The Democrats are fully aware that they are being called out for failing the American people and this country from the southern border, Ukraine, and everything in between. That is why Governor DeSantis and President Trump strike fear into their hearts.

Technical difficulty aside, DeSantis came out strong, detailing the failures of the Biden administration—which anyone can see.

He harped on the idea of a ‘Great American Comeback,’ a revitalization of the American spirit. It is too early to tell what effect this Twitter announcement will have on the polls, but two things are certain, Ron DeSantis scares the left, and the GOP Primary will be very interesting.