It’s really no surprise that red states are gaining population. Who wants to live in a Democratic-run state with high crime, high inflation, and continual assaults on your constitutional rights?

In Michigan, it was bad enough with a tyrannical Governor Whitmer and her thousands of pandemic emergency orders that we had to follow. Then, in the last election, the whole state turned blue with a Democratic House and Senate, Supreme Court, Attorney General Secretary of State and just about everything else.

Running with their progressive flag, the Michigan Democrats are seizing control of the state with their abortion mandates, gun control legislation, sanctuary cities and much more. They come up with new crap every day to push through, making many people want to flee the state. And they are.

People are leaving Michigan, California, New York and all of the other realms of Democrat Hell.

Just the News reports that the blue states have become big losers in gaining population. IRS migration data shows California had a net loss of almost 332K people in 2021. New York lost 262K residents – and the U-Hauls in Michigan are backing up to people’s homes as quickly as they can get them rented.

Many are moving to Republican run states like Florida. Florida gained the most residents, not surprisingly, with a net gain of over 255K people. Not only does Florida NOT have a state income tax, they have Governor Ron DeSantis instead of having to put up with California’s Gavin Newsom – or Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer.