Ze Germans, the impish scamps, have a lovely word for finding joy in the misery of others. It’s called schadenfreude. 

Since the recent Trump CNN Town hall we’ve been enjoying schadenfreude in spades, such have been the hits on CNN from the left. Classic red on classic red conflict. Amusing stuff.

You have to have a little sympathy for CNN here. CEO Chris Licht bounced Stelter and Lemon and gave Trump a prime time forum with a friendly audience. He took internal heat for it. One of his droids, Oliver Darcy, had the vapors and had to be called to the carpet for his emotionalism. Tres entertaining.

However, the loathing of CNN goes so deep into my soul that their current apparent shift to the middle is but a blip. It’s going to have to go a lot farther than these moves for CNN to regain credibility as a news source. I’m thinking a purge that would make Stalin weep with admiration. Anyway, back to the schadenfreude.

This is what hard left Joy Reid of MSNBC thinks of hard left CNN, “We begin with the continued cleanup on aisle five at CNN in the wake of widespread criticism over its decision to air a town hall with the twice impeached civilly liable for sexual abuse former President Donald Trump on Wednesday night that played out more like a pep rally or a MAGA version of the Jerry Springer show,” Reid said. But wait, there’s more!

“We didn’t need a Trump pep rally on CNN to understand what Trump is. He literally posts his garbage views on his fake Twitter every day, and every media outlet reports on it. He has rallies where he dishes out his gross insults with cameras watching. We get it. A lot of people like it. And vote for it,” Reid said. Whoa. This is a pretty nasty snit even by her standards.

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Anderson Cooper of CNN responded, “You have every right to be outraged and angry and never watch this network again. But do you think staying in your silo and only listening to people you agree with is going to make that person go away? If we all only listen to those we agree with, it may actually do the opposite. If lies are allowed to go unchecked, as imperfect as our ability to check them is on a stage in real time, those lies continue and those lies spread,” he told viewers. So, hate us but hate Trump more is the message. Wow. Lame.

There have been others like AOC and Sunny Hostin of The View, Hostin is perhaps the most hysterical and illogical woman alive today, who are angry. They will likely get angrier. They will work themselves up into a righteous pearl clutching froth. And we will sit back and enjoy it. Proper.