Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot has finally got booted from her mayoral job in Chicago. After a dismal career as mayor which many say only got started because she was female, Black and gay, Chicago voters gave her the heave-ho back in early March and new Democrat Black progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson has taken over the top spot in the Windy City.

Criticized for many things going wrong in Chicago including the non-stop shootings, murders and other crimes, the voters finally decided that enough was enough when it came to Lightfoot.

However, the voters not only didn’t change directions (they still have a Democrat in charge), it looks like they might have an even bigger problem on their hands with Johnson at the helm.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the new woke mayor, who took over on May 15, vows to tax the rich and big business to pay for his progressive agenda – which will undoubtedly cause a mass exodus of businesses.

He’s also supporting illegal aliens who are coming into Chicago. In his inaugural address, he said, “There’s enough room for everyone in the city of Chicago.”

Maybe that’s because they’re trying to ship them into the gyms of elementary schools and other places in Illinois.

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What Johnson will do about the crime in the city is anyone’s guess but most don’t expect anything to change because he’s gotta keep his progressive pro-criminal base happy or he might be the next one getting the boot out of the city.