As you sit back and watch the elderly Biden fumble around, being told what questions to answer and which way to exit the stage, it’s apparent more than ever that he’s not actually in charge of his own life, let alone the country. I’ve been saying since he got elected that Obama is still in charge – or rather, Obama’s people. Most of the partisan leaders who are running The White House are Obama retreads.

In order to get the country running smoothly (or appear to do so), you have to have actual competent folks in charge and the two main ones running Biden, the White House and the United States have been Susan Rice and Ron Klain.

Rice is Obama’s former Ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Advisor and she is Biden’s Domestic Policy Council Director, whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean. She was the National Security Advisor during the 2012 Benghazi attack and one of the main ones who lied that the attack was a spontaneous one inspired by a protest at the American Embassy. She was also a senior foreign policy adviser for Obama’s first presidential campaign.

Klain, who was Biden’s Chief of Staff until February, was also his Chief of Staff when he was VP and was Obama’s White House Ebola Response Coordinator. Klain also worked as a senior advisor to Biden’s presidential campaign when he ran against Trump the first time.

I became more and more convinced that these two were in charge of the country over time as I realized that we never saw them or heard about them. You could ask ten people in a Jesse Watters’ man or woman-on-the- street interview who these two are or what they did during Biden’s presidency and I’m not sure you would get even one person who could answer the question.

Now that Biden is heading towards the end of his first (and hopefully last) presidency and has announced that he’s running again, both of these folks have decided to ditch the old man and leave him in the capable hands (and paws) of wife Jill and the Easter Bunny. And some new Obama folks.

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Biden’s new Chief of Staff, someone you also never hear about, is Jeff Zients. He was Biden’s former Covid response coordinator – and during the Obama presidency, he was acting director of the Office of Management and Budget. He also led the emergency efforts to fix the website after the troubled launch of the Affordable Care Act.

Rice is reportedly stepping down from her post as Biden’s non-marital wife on May 26th.

Weasel News has reported that Neera Tanden will replace Rice. You might have heard Tanden’s name before when she was nominated by Biden to be the head of the Office of Management and Budget. Her name was withdrawn because of past comments she made on Twitter. It’s been reported that she deleted about 1000 tweets after getting nominated for the OMB gig.

She tweeted things like “A vampire has more heart than Ted Cruz” and also called Senator Susan Collins “criminally ignorant.”

Leftist media outlets like The Washington Post tried to defend her by pointing out that she was only tweeting out the truth – but that didn’t wash in this case because her tweets brought her to the attention of senators Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin as well as disgusted Republicans.

Time will tell if Rice and Klain made a smart decision and find greener pastures – plus we’ll find out how well the country will be run without them.