So is border chief Alejandro Mayorkas a liar or is he incompetent? Either way, he should be impeached.

Title 42 is ending on Thursday. Everyone knows it’s ending – including the illegal aliens. The rush on the border has already started. Everyone knows why this is happening – because the Democrats WANT it to happen. The welcome mat is out.

But Mayorkas is clueless about what is causing the rush. Maybe it’s the great prices at the Dollar Tree?

Or maybe it’s because of all the goodies that the Democrats are handing out to illegal aliens so they can be future Democrats voters some day.

Whatever the reason, US Secretary of Homeland Insecurity, Alejandro Mayorkas, certainly can’t figure it out.

He was asked on Friday at a news conference, “Can you explain why you’ve seen this big surge [of migrants] in the last couple of weeks?”

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His answer was, “It’s very difficult to identify the cause.” Maybe it’s toilet paper. Maybe America has softer toilet paper.

After Mayorkas was unable to identify the cause of the border crisis, he participated in a Kamala-like word salad BS approach where he said, “You know the challenge of migration is in one aspect, its dynamism. It is a very complex phenomenon. We saw the tragic fire in the city of Juarez in Mexico and the impact domestically within Mexico. And since then we saw, over the past two weeks, a significant surge of Venezuelans. We are we have reached an agreement with the government of Mexico to address that surge and we’re going to see the results of that agreement very shortly.”

The only agreement I’ve seen so far is the agreement they made with Mexico to show less video of the surge. That’s how they solve what they see to be a “crisis” – but the only crisis they see is in PR.