Stop Congress from being corrupt? That will probably never happens but Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida is joining forces with Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez of New York to give it a shot. They are on board to pass legislation that will prohibit members of Congress (and their immediate family members) from engaging in stock trades.

The Daily Caller reports that Gaetz was on Weasel News with Jesse Waters and said about his new friendship with the Squad member, “AOC is wrong a lot. She would probably say the same thing about me…But she is not corrupt and I will work with anyone and everyone to ensure that Congress is not so compromised. We should disallow congressional stock trading for the same reason we don’t allow the referee to bet on the game.”

The legislation comes after years and years and years (decades and decades) of corrupt politicians making money off of their jobs by using their “inside information” to make stock trades.

But all the bill will really do is make the politicians more creative and have family and friends outside of their inner circle do their dirty work for them. They’re only in politics for money and power to begin with. They’re not going to give up their pipeline to being wealthy.

Not Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel of Florida who dumped her shares in First Republic Bank before it was shut down… Not Nancy Pelosi who has her husbands do her trades…

The corrupt politicians aren’t going to just stop being corrupt no matter what laws are on the books.