Artificial intelligence that is.

So if the intelligence is, in fact, “artificial” maybe the appointment isn’t so ludicrous after all. Ha ha.

In an effort to rein in artificial intelligence (AI) and come up with a plan to regulate the possible dangerous technology, The Daily Mail has announced that the White House has appointed Kamala to be the “AI Czar” and will be in charge of a budget of $140 million.

The VP has already met with executives from Google, Microsoft and OpenAI to discuss how potential risks can be reduced. Since she’s such an intelligence expert and has soooooooo much experience in computer technology, I’m sure we can all be secure in the knowledge that our future is in good hands.

The Biden-Harris administration says that thousands of community partners will be utilized to assess the AI situation and the situation will be spearheaded by Kamala – a situation which has already been assessed by real experts like Elon Musk who says AI needs to be stopped – or at the very least slowed down. An open letter signed by tech leaders including Musk was published online asking AI labs to immediately pause (for at least six months) the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.

Musk has actually said that AI is the biggest existential threat to humankind.

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But Democrats don’t care about existential threats unless they have to do with racism, sexism or the climate change.

We shouldn’t worry though – I’m sure Kamala will be as good in her position heading up the dangers of AI as she has been in her position of “Border Czar.”

In fact, we’ll see the results of her border competence today, when the border crisis reaches astronomical proportions after Title 42 is lifted. Apparently, the root causes of the border issue have not been uncovered by “slept-her-way to the top” Kamala – or dealt with properly. Overwhelming evidence confirms this.

Back to Kamala and her intelligence…(don’t laugh)…

What the Democrats are really doing here is trying to figure out how to use AI to their advantage (like framing Trump for something in a fake photo or video) while at the same time, not getting caught in the AI trap themselves.