Last Saturday the fiancée unit and I attended a very early morning reception to watch the coronation. It was held in an Irish bar, making it all the more amusing, and it gave me the opportunity to start slamming gin and tonics at 6am EST.

Amongst the fun parts of the coronation, Zadok the Priest always being my fave, I happened to catch a glimpse of the audience. Not a lot of surprises. Aristos, some entertainment types, do-gooders, and a glum looking Harry were all represented. As part of the American contingent, former SecState, Dem presidential nominee, and current Climate Hoax Czar John Kerry sat in the Abbey and chatted with a woman sporting a big hat.

I know a bit about Mr. Kerry, going back to his Vietnam Vets Against the War days. His actual military service was accurately chronicled by the Swift Boat boys in 2004. During a 1971 Capitol Hill VVAW protest against the Vietnam War, Navy vet Kerry, anticipating a left wing political career, ostentatiously threw away nine of his medals to showcase his revulsion against our action in Vietnam. He chucked them into the air, supposedly never to be seen again. He was roundly praised by the Bolshie media for his showboating.

“In a real sense, this administration forced us to return our medals because beyond the perversion of the war, these leaders themselves denied us the integrity those symbols supposedly gave our lives,” Kerry said then.

Funny thing though, at the coronation he had on his jacket two rows of shiny medals. Now unless he served in another war that I somehow missed, these are the medals that Mr. Kerry so dramatically tossed away during his pro-communist agitator days. So I guess the gesture was just a photo-op, eh? He planned all along to eventually trot them out when the political weather was a bit less cloudy. And that’s the rub of the thing.

From that day long ago to this the alleged principles of the left have been nothing more than convenient photo-ops and talking points. Their moral hypocrisy is overwhelming, as ethics and sanctimonious statements are used for momentary glory and then relegated to the dustbin.

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In this instance, an American action, keeping an ally safe from communism, was at stake. The same type of conflict, protecting an allied South against an invading Marxist North, had been successfully pulled off in Korea fifteen years prior to general acclaim. But all of a sudden it was the height in brutal American imperialism. What gives?

The difference was that a nasty lying generation of early boomers had stepped foot onto the political stage. Coddled and programmed at the emerging diploma mills of the high left, they wanted power at any cost using any method. Vietnam seemed like a perfect chance for them. Kerry, who had served there, the perfect hypocritical stooge.

Thus today we get to witness the great anti-war warrior swaddled in decorations he made a media point of hurling into the air, such shameful symbols never to be worn again. But worn they were, a visual reminder of the easy principles and shifty ethos of John Kerry and the Democrat left.