Someone at Weasel News has a real problem with Tucker Carlson. Or maybe several someones. It’s not enough to get rid of him. They are on a path to destroy him now – and somehow they think they can keep their viewers while doing this?

In what looks like an attempt to completely tank their own network, Weasel News has released some unflattering videos of their former TV host, Tucker Carlson – to leftist media outlets. They have also been accused of releasing text messages to the leftist New York Times.

American Wire News reports that independent journalist and SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly “went scorched earth on the network on Tuesday, calling out their “dirtball” tactics as the network allegedly leaked at least three videos to leftist media outlets in what was seen as a brazen attempt to smear and destroy former host Tucker Carlson.”

Anyone who works with the enemy (the left) against conservatives is also the enemy in my book. I wrote about the network recently about how they caved to Dominion Voting Systems and got rid of Bongino and Carlson (with probably more to come). That was the beginning of their demise.

Tucker will be getting the last laugh because he’ll be around for a while – and getting more attention than Weasel News after they are done destroying their own network.

As it stands, their viewers for their 8 p.m. hour have dropped from an average of about three million people to 1.65 million, even less when Brian Kilmeade hosted the show with only 1.3 million viewers. Since they got rid of Carlson, their viewership has dropped anywhere from 42% to 75%. And there’s probably more to come…