You would think that embracing an ideology whose adherents have murdered over 100 million people in the cold white heat of a twisted vision would disqualify you from a position on a congressional staff in the United States. However, AOC and other New York Dems think otherwise.

Fox last Sunday, “A former aide to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is now a senior official within the New York State Communist Party. Records, first reported on by The New York Post, show 33-year-old Justine Medina worked for Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign for much of 2020, earning around $35,000…After working for the congresswoman, Medina was named ‘Co-chair of the New York Communist League’ by the People’s World, a publication of the Communist Party.”

I would guess finding a communist amongst the vulgar hordes of New York Democrats is akin to finding pervs working at Disney World. No doubt, pretty bloody easy. But, don’t take our word for it.

“[W]ell, I *am* a Communist, but work for AOC & helped start Queens DSA’s Electoral WG, so I def see utility in working on the Dem ballot line!” Medina tweeted in October 2020. “[B]ut communism is good and shouldn’t scare you,” she said.

It has been considered gauche to call communists, well, communists since the days of Tailgunner Joe. The penalty could be a thorough dressing down at a Georgetown cocktail party. Perish the very thought.

However, in a recent vote to condemn communist dictators and atrocities over 100 current House Dems voted against the measure. Gee, wonder why?

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For those who go about whipping the gullible and bitter into a frenzy over the suppression of civil liberties and insurrection, supporting an ideology that specialized in both (the usual shootings started right after the insurrection) is a bit rich. And the wholesale massacres? The forest at Katyn? No problem for them. The horrors of Kolyma? Easy peasy to digest. The Chinese Cultural Revolution? A fun time had by all. Any moral qualms about the millions of murders? Not in the slightest. Such thinks a large portion of the House Dem Caucus.

Thus, no surprise AOC employs communists because they have so much in common. AOC and many other House Dems hate America, as do the communists. They would prefer to round up and shoot anyone who disagrees with them, as regularly do communists. And House Dems embrace Orwellian thought control through their championship of woke madness. Communists invented that one.

It would be helpful if House Dem communists would have a hammer and sickle burned into their foreheads for easy identification purposes. Alas, it is unlikely they will accept that entirely fair proposal. So we will have to wait for them to unmask themselves, as has a former aide to AOC. If only the rest of the communists in the House Dem Caucus, or on their staffs, would do the same.