Joe Biden and his administration have found themselves on the wrong end of the debt ceiling debate. This comes ignoring the entire conversation for almost 100 days while Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans were putting together a plan—and getting it passed.

Well, now, we are learning that McCarthy and Biden will be getting together later today to discuss the debt ceiling for the second time in just a few days. The deadline to get something done is June 1—but that isn’t really a hard date because taxes keep rolling in, and nothing of real significance would go unpaid for a long time.

This is the typical Washington dance around the imaginary disaster that is always looming right around the corner. I mean, using fear to motivate the masses has always been a great tool for the political class, but it seems to me that they are using it a lot more today than in the past.

When I grew up, Russia was a constant boogeyman. They were always there and always our enemy—it was easy to see who was for America and who hated her.

Iran came into full relief along with radical Islam in 1979 and, of course, has remained a go-to doom of the day on occasion. I mean, how easy was it to get America to invade Iraq and Afghanistan after years of screaming about radical Islam followed by 9/11? It made the sales pitch pretty short and pretty easy, and just about the whole country jumped on board.

Of course, we now know it was all based on bad intelligence, or we were just lied to and manipulated—or both.
Then along came the Covid-19 pandemic. The fear mongers had softened us up on that one for years, too—so when they came rolling out with scenes of death and destruction in places like Italy—we gobbled it all up and didn’t fight back hard enough or early enough when they put a match to our civil liberties. Now, every day we find out something new about how we were lied to and manipulated.

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Don’t you feel sorry for the people still wearing masks and living in fear? I mean, maybe not, but come on, those people are permanently broken—and when you have more and more people who are resistant to knowledge and susceptible to the fear factor—the country is in real danger.

Just look at the things we are bombarded by every day—so much of it is rooted in fear to elicit a response from the masses.

We are doing better in a couple of places when it comes to setting the record straight—let’s stay with Covid for a moment more.

Fauci’s reputation is all but destroyed, and every day, more people seem to realize what a scam the whole thing was.

Of course, Climate Change is a master class in fear-mongering—it gets pulled out to explain anything and everything all the time.

Al Gore seems to think that Climate Change is making the weather worse and causing racism.

It’s remarkable that he continues to peddle that snake oil when the truth is so easy to find. The United States has not had an EF-5 tornado in more than ten years—think about that. Al Gore and his climate zombies keep preaching that we have more ‘unprecedented’ and more ‘frequent’ severe weather, but it is a flat-out lie.

What is unprecedented is going a decade without a single EF-5 rolling through somewhere—the last one came on May 20, 2013, when a monster storm devoured Moore, Oklahoma. Moore also got smashed by an EF-5 in 1999—so I am not buying a house there to retire.

Despite the desperate pleas from angels of darkness like Al Gore, his emissary John Kerry, or a host of other erratic far-left emergency sirens, hurricanes have also been less frequent and less severe. But despite that, these whack jobs keep driving the push to end capitalism and freedom in the Western World in the name of saving the planet.

I mean, these fear-mongers rely on the idea that their minions are too lazy and too intellectually dishonest to actually use Google to look up severe storms in America—because if they did, they would find monsters like Camille back in 1969 or EF-5 tornado cluster storms of the 1950s and 60s or the monster floods on the Mississippi in the 1920s and 30s.

I mean, with my marginal computer skills, I can find actual scientific facts and data—you would think those that proclaim themselves the saviors and champions of the planet could figure out how to do a Google search.

Anyway—I will be keeping an eye on the severe weather—or actually, the lack thereof.

So, let’s turn our attention back to the emergency of the day—which should be Joe Biden being President, but I digress. Old Feeble Joe was in Japan for the G-7 summit, and par for the course, when asked if he has any responsibility for the impending debt ceiling crisis—he, of course, said no.

And it’s not just the Old Man lying to everyone—it is anyone who is anywhere near him.

Jake Sullivan, a Biden national security advisor—he’s doing a great job—claimed on CNN that Biden leaving G-7 early to deal with the debt ceiling does not undermine our position as a stable global ally. Ok.

And now that Russia has been officially removed from the top of the list as America’s biggest threat—Old Joe keeps defending those that do threaten this nation.

Instead of treating China like the adversary it is, Biden wants to further entrench and ‘diversify’ our relationship. Anybody with a working brain knows that isn’t a good idea—so we know why Joe thinks it is.