Let’s take some time to discuss equality, equity, and race, and while I am at it—how about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? I mean, after all, the Democrats spend a whole lot of time proclaiming racism as the leading concern when it comes to domestic terrorism. Of course, they offer no facts to support such a thing—except for thin anecdotal claims from the thoroughly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center that has labeled churches as hate groups for having the nerve to teach what the Bible actually says.

Beyond that, the SPLC can offer pretty much nothing to support the ridiculous narrative that America is a hopelessly racist nation with basically no redeeming qualities.

The two go-to attacks on anyone who is not a card-carrying socialist or Democrat are racism and Climate Denier—or something like that.

Even when Republicans elect more Black and Hispanic members to Congress, it is waved off as tokenism—and nothing to take seriously. They dismiss President Trump getting more Black and Hispanic votes in 2020 than any Republican in history, as equally irrelevant.

But surely, if a twice re-elected, black Republican Senator from the Deep South decides to run for President, the Democrats would applaud that, right?

Well, no, of course not. They will instead ramp up the attacks and do even more smear jobs.

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Case in point, Senator Tim Scott is in the race for president. I like the Senator, and he is a conservative voice in a world of crazy left-wing zealots—and you would think the Democrats would at least say ok, ‘well, he is a good man,’ but don’t kid yourself. As we have already figured out with Byron Donalds, Burgess Owens, and John James—being black and conservative is like putting a target on your back for every hateful slur the left can muster.

How dare they leave the reservation without permission? How dare they dump us for those conservative monsters who believe they should raise their own kids, have a say in what is taught in school, and that boys and girls should not compete against each other in sports?

The NAACP, fresh off putting up a travel warning for Black people heading to Florida, weighed in on Senator Scott jumping in the race—and it was exactly what you would expect.

For the Senator’s part, the response was expected because it is something he has been dealing with ever since he began representing the Palmetto State in the US Senate.

So, what about the NAACP warning black Americans to avoid Florida—what exactly is that based on?

Well, it’s based on the fact that Donald Trump lives there and Ron DeSantis is the Governor there—it really is that obvious. It is a naked political smear job aimed at the good people of the Sunshine State—the Free State of Florida.

And wouldn’t you think that at some point in the conversation, facts would matter?

Wouldn’t you think, at some point, just calling every single Republican a racist would just fall apart? Well, the answer is yes, but it really doesn’t matter to them. Because enough people who don’t read for themselves just swallow all the bile and the filth of such attacks, believing everything they are told on social media.

White people are racist from the day they are born—and there is nothing you can do to redeem them. Republicans—even the ones that are black and Hispanic—are just as bad.

So, when they attack Florida—they, of course, skip really important facts. For example, Florida is one of the national leaders for black-owned businesses.

But don’t worry—Republicans will build on the success of President Trump in the 2020 Election when it comes to people of color and whom they vote for. They are Americans, just like the rest of us, who want results and are sick and tired of this ridiculous race card-playing garbage.

Oh, and one more thing, it’s not just Republicans that the Democrat Socialist machine is willing to smear and malign—they will do it to their own as well. They are like hit men from the mafia—seeking and destroying anything and anyone that interferes with the master plan of a one-party state.

Tulsi Gabbard is already predicting that Robert Kennedy Jr. will get the same treatment she got in the primary. There is no room for dissent in the Democratic Party, and they’re demanding that same uniformity from all Americans, no matter the cost.