Last Thursday was a spectacular show of Democrat hate against their political enemies and anyone who dares to expose them.

Three whistleblowers (suspended FBI agents) testified in front of Congress about the FBI’s abuse of power and the weaponization of the agency to go after political enemies. They did so in front of the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

The Democrats on the committee didn’t like it one bit and went after the whistleblowers – because the only whistleblowers that they like are the ones that squeal on Trump and the Republicans.

At the beginning of the hearing, Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) warned the three FBI agents, “Get ready — because [the Democrats] are gonna come after you.”

It was true. They went after the whistleblowers and Jim Jordan.

In Democratic Rep. Stacey Plaskett’s opening statement, she casted doubts that the witnesses could even be considered “whistleblowers” and said that Jordan was doing the bidding of Trump.

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Trump’s name came up quite often in the hearings because he is what the Democrats talk about when they don’t have any legitimate talking points.

Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez of California brought up a tweet that wasn’t even related to one of the whistleblowers – she had the wrong account – but continued to question him about it.

Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly also dismissed the three as “whistleblowers” and said their beef was basically a workplace issue.

At one point, Connolly also asked one of the whistleblowers what the deep state was and he couldn’t answer.

I can answer that, Mr. Connolly. It’s bunch of corrupt and treasonous elected and unelected people that use their positions to destroy the United States.

Look in the mirror.