This could prove to be the toughest week yet for President Joe Biden. In fact, this week could prove to be pivotal in next year’s race for the White House.

The week will begin with President Biden staring straight down the lens of his worst polling numbers ever. One major poll after another shows that the American people no longer trust Biden. CBS, Reuters, and Gallup have been among those giving failing grades to the administration on just about every major issue. You would be hard-pressed to find a positive number anywhere on critical issues that people care about, like the economy, the border, national security, or the war in Ukraine.

And even worse for team Biden is that most Americans don’t believe he is capable of doing the job—mentally or physically.

Americans have seen too much—this time, it’s the ABC News/Washington Post Poll showing that Biden has fallen to his lowest numbers yet. And how bad is it?

It’s bad enough for a majority of Democrats to say they need someone else to run in 2024. Ouch.

But despite the rejection of his administration’s policies and himself, Biden will admit no wrong. It seems he is just too arrogant to take responsibility for anything. With Biden, it’s always the blame game, and that isn’t working anymore.

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He has consistently tried to blame former President Donald Trump for his failures at the border and on the economy—but he is willing to blame his friends in the media for his flagging poll numbers, too, claiming that Americans don’t give him high approval numbers because “all they’ve heard is negative news for three years.”

However, like I said a moment ago, his friends in the media also seem sick of taking the blame, and they are actually asking questions that matter. This is strange, considering they didn’t do that once on the way to Election Day 2020.

If the Presidential Election were held today—according to the new ABC News/Washington Post poll—Donald Trump would win the National Popular Vote by six points—and Governor Ron DeSantis would beat Biden by five points.

And we haven’t even gotten to the reasons why this could turn out to be his worst week yet.

Let’s start with Hunter Biden—the First Son—who was in an Arkansas courtroom last week for a child support dispute over a child he refuses to acknowledge. The President also ignores that grandchild—to be clear, it’s not a good look.

But that will be child’s play for real if the whistleblowers, whom we are told are ready to testify before Congress, come out. Congressman James Comer is telling the Department of Justice to hold off on any indictments of Hunter until the Republicans hold a press conference on Wednesday that could blow the lid off the entire Biden family’s allegations of selling government policy for cash—which, of course, means taking bribes. Those allegations are aimed at both Hunter and his dad.

So that by itself would be bad enough—but now there are even bigger problems coming on Wednesday in the form of a human tidal wave at the southern border.
Some reports say as many as 700,000 illegals could overrun the US/Mexican border in just a few days. This comes after everyone that is paying attention says were are already in a dire situation that is threatening our national security and existence as a nation.

It is creating a political firestorm because it has already created a humanitarian disaster in Texas.

And, like always, the soon-to-be 81-year-old President takes no responsibility for anything he has done. He just smirks and slurs—and fills his diaper.

Yeah, this is going to be a tough week for Joe Biden—and you have to wonder if it’s not exactly the escape hatch the Democrats have been searching for.