A big part of why President Trump got elected in 2016 (besides the border crisis) was his attitude on China and his willingness to push back against them whether it was intellectual property, trade or anything else.

The current crop of politicians could care less about China’s ever-increasing threat to our nation, whether that involves sending fentanyl into our country, spy balloons, buying up our land, installing battery factories in communities who don’t want them, or anything else. And with a compromised president in the White House, nothing substantive will be done about their aggression against our country.

NBC reports (laughably) that under a new proposed Biden Administration rule (under the Treasury Department’s Office of Investment Security), foreign nationals or companies would have to get a “greenlight” from the U.S. government before buying land within 100 miles of military bases.

The fact that China can currently do this and congress hasn’t been called in for an emergency bill to stop this is maddening.

But my real point is – not only should China NEVER be allowed to buy property near military bases with or without our permission, they should not be buying ANY AMERICAN PROPERTY AT ALL.

I can only imagine how the soldiers who fought and died for our country would feel about what is going on in America right now.

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Speaking of soldiers, Republican John James, a U.S. Congressman from Michigan who is a West Point graduate who served in the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom, isn’t too keen on the China influence and land-buying that’s happening in the United States and the fact that tax payers are funding a lot of it. He recently introduced a bill to push back against companies with China ties so they don’t get American tax credits.

The bill is in response to deals like the one in Big Rapids, Michigan which Governor Whitmer and her Democrat friends are working to keep things on track in order to let China-tied Gotion build a battery factory plant with the hello of taxpayer dollars – come hell or high water.

James’ bill, the “No American Tax Dollars to CCP Act” would block taxpayer dollars from funding state-backed Chinese companies like Gotion and also forbids joint ventures or partnerships with “foreign entities of concern.”

Once again, my point is that chinese companies SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO HAVE COMPANIES ON AMERICAN LAND period.

This all seems like a no-brainer to me. But when you are dealing with governments controlled by Democrats, common sense doesn’t prevail and protecting Americans is out the window whether it’s concerning China, open borders, the crime wave or anything else. As with all things Democrat, they only operate from a position which will bring them money, power and votes.