Yep, you heard it right. Hair-sniffing old man senile President Disaster, whose own daughter said in her diary that daddy had “inappropriate” showers with her, has come out and told the media that YOUR kids are actually not YOUR kids.

While giving a speech in the Rose Garden honoring teachers Biden said, “There is no such thing as someone else’s child. No such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children.”

Uh, no. Children don’t “belong” to others – not even teachers who might see them more hours a day than their parents. And especially not Biden and the rest of his mob government.

This narrative that Biden is pushing comes in very handy for Democrats. It allows them to push the killing of kids through abortion. It allows them to teach racist CRT in schools, to try to force kids to get vaccines, to hide their sexual preferences from their parents and to allow boys in the bathrooms and locker rooms meant for girls.

Democrats think they know what’s best for all of us, especially everyone’s children.

They’re wrong. That’s why parents have been showing up at school board meetings around the country to push back against their tyranny and progressivism that they are forcing on children.

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Parental rights group Moms for Liberty tweeted, “We do NOT CO-PARENT with the GOVERNMENT.”