As illegal aliens pour into the country, the Biden Administration, has actually been in the business of the continuation of the Trump-era measure where familial DNA testing was being done to make sure that child trafficking wasn’t going on.

But that is no more according to Just the News who reports that they obtained a Customs Border Protection (CBP) memo announcing that the testing will end when the vendor contract with BODE Technologies expires at the end of the month on May 31st.

During the program, the CBP has found many fraudulent “families” and in 2022, a government accountability office reported to have found about one in ten kids who turned out NOT to be related to the illegal aliens who crossed the border with them. Other reports show the number to be closer to 30%.

ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Executive Director Derek Benner had discussed the goals of the program in 2019 where he said, “First, to protect children from being smuggled across the border by ensuring they are with their parents and not being used as pawns by individuals attempting to exploit immigration loopholes. Second, to identify and stop the criminal organizations that are generating false documents and supporting child smuggling.”

Clearly, the Biden Administration doesn’t care about either of those two goals.