Rules for thee and not for me. Yes, Democrats want rules for all of us minions out here but they never have to follow what they preach.

The Daily Mail reports that hypocrite “eco warrior” and gun control advocate, VP Kamala Harris, headed to the University of Miami for the Miami Beach Climate summit recently flanked by US Coast guard members with high-powered rifles to protect her as she announced plans for a $562 million investment in “climate resilience.”

The 24-vehicle motorcade of gas-guzzling SUVs that was used for her trip to protect the climate was in addition to her travel on Air Force Two. Her security detail included boats patrolling the water as well – polluting the waters.

Some great “eco warrior” she is.

But she doesn’t care. None of the Democrats care. Not really.

They don’t actually believe anything that they say. Everything that they do is for the common goal of attaining power and money. They need votes to have power to have money. It’s that simple. They’ll do and say what they need to in order to attain this goal.

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The funding Kamala talked about in Miami will be spread across 30 state (mostly Democrat states, I’m sure). The VP said while she was in Florida, “The climate crisis represents a profound threat, as we all know, to our nation and to the world. And every community is at risk.”

As evidenced by Kamala’s hypocrite lifestyle and those of the president and all of their leftist friends, the only REAL threat we have against our nation right now is Democrats.