How many times have you gone on Twitter and saw an article posted but you can’t read the whole headline? That’s because only about 68 characters of the headline will show up. I say “about” because sometimes I’ve seen 65 characters show up and other times 70. Regardless, I’ve seen many headlines cut off on Twitter and it needs to be fixed.

If Elon can make electric cars and rocket ships, I think he can fix this.
And not just for my benefit – it’s for others as well.
Can you imagine what could happen if a headline gets cut off at the wrong place?

What about a a recent headline that said “Brendan Fraser Jokes Last Award Won Was 4th Grade PeeWee Bowling, Accepts TIFF Awards” – but we only get to see “Brendan Fraser Jokes Last Award Won Was 4th Grade Pee…”

On a more serious note, what if we see the headline, “President Biden Meets with Ukrainian President and Agrees to Go Nuclear..” Instead of getting the whole headline which ends in “Agrees to Go Nuclear Instead of Using Electricity for Energy at New Embassy.”

Putting security concerns aside, it’s just annoying not to be able to see the whole headline. And it’s annoying to those of us writing articles not being able to see our whole headline show up on Twitter.

Although brevity is not my strong suit concerning headlines, there are many times where you need a lot more words expressed to people that Musk will currently allow.

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