It might be too late to head off a complete collapse at America’s southern border.

Joe Biden and his administration have, for two and a half years, ignored the growing tide of humanity flooding into our nation illegally and turned a blind eye to the destruction that is certain to follow.

Communities on the border are already far beyond the breaking point—and yet President Biden does nothing to address the problem or turn back the literal hundreds of thousands of people.

6.5 million have already flowed in—and some say as many as another 700,000 could soon follow in their tracks. And guess what? No one in the Administration is doing anything about it.

The problem is that the crisis is already out of control, and the shelters are already beyond the breaking point.

So where is the Border Czar—and Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris?

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It’s a fine question because it seems she isn’t worried about the total collapse of America’s border or the threat created by these people flowing in unchecked and unvetted.

Joe Biden has been ducking questions on the border for years now—while Karine Jean Pierre and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkis just keep lying about it on a daily basis. They continue to claim, falsely, that the border is secure. No matter what they say, everyone knows that it is just not true.

Yes, it seems there is no place to pivot. The invasion is in full swing, and the surge that was expected to start with the end of Title 42 has hit its stride early, beginning already.

As it stands, over 150,000 people stand waiting on the southern border, ready to cross once Title 42 expires.

And Joe Biden—the man who took an oath to defend this country—just keeps staring blankly into the abyss, ignoring the obvious failures of his administration.

His people are making it clear that we will not be hearing from Biden, or anyone else for that matter, on the state of the border or what they plan to do about it. That is if they even have a plan.