Isn’t it remarkable that Donald Trump was a hero of Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Rosie O’Donnell, and pretty much every celebrity and wannabe celebrity from here to Tokyo in the spring of 2015?

He’d been with so many celebrities it’s hard to even remember all of them. He dined with Bill and Hillary Clinton on more than one occasion and has been celebrated as a great American by those on all sides of the political spectrum, from Rosa Parks to George W. Bush. Donald Trump was a quintessentially American icon.

His television series, The Apprentice, was far and away the number-one TV program in America and around the world for years.

Numerous books like “The Art of the Deal” or “Think Big and Kick Ass” had all risen to the envied status of “New York Times Bestseller.” He was royalty in America and the best self-promoter anyone had ever seen.

Who the hell didn’t want to be Donald Trump?

He was the guy that made things happen, even when it was impossible. He was an American that Americans, no matter whether they were black or white, rich or poor, admired.

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That is until that fateful moment when Donald Trump decided that he had seen too much, that his country was being screwed too often by too many, and that he could stand on the sidelines no more. He could no longer turn a blind eye to those that were taking advantage of our great nation.

He was outraged by the arrogance of the European Union, NATO, and those on the other side of the field in Russia, China, and Iran.

That fateful moment came on June 16, 2015, when he declared, among other things, that he would build a great wall to protect us from the onslaught of illegal aliens pouring into our nation.

He looked America and the world in the eye and said, “Sadly, the American dream is dead, but if I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger, better, and stronger than ever before.”

From that moment forward—the body politic went apoplectic—those that loved Donald Trump the day before screamed he was a racist.

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, just off Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, unleashed a relentless barrage of disparaging attacks.

At first, they dismissed him as an eccentric billionaire with little or no chance of winning more than a point or two. Soon, they realized he was a dangerous political weapon—and was coming for all of them. It didn’t matter if it was low-energy Jeb Bush or Crooked Hillary Clinton—Trump had sharpened his sword and was on the move.

By the time the Beltway politicos and denizens of The Swamp realized he was coming for them—it really was too late.

So instead of fighting him with conventional political warfare, they opened up the toolbox they’d been using since at least Richard Nixon’s run in 1968. They smeared him as a racist and a guy who would certainly trigger World War Three. But none of it was working.

The panic was setting in—The Swamp was shaking, and they knew the barbarian was at the gate.

They decided it was time to go all in. They called in favors from those buried deep in the bowels of the Deep State—something they still try to deny exists, despite the overwhelming evidence John Durham just dumped for all to see.

Those on the left and the soft right mobilized the troops. They had to destroy Donald Trump. He was not part of the inner circle. He was not a member of the elitist backroom secret societies they all worshipped with—he was dangerous—and they knew it. He was growing more dangerous with each passing day and had to be stopped.

So, Hillary Clinton deployed her allies and political soldiers on a seek-and-destroy mission—Donald Trump was the only objective, and the only casualty was the truth.

As Republican candidates fell to the wayside like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, it became ever clearer that Donald Trump, the barbarian, was about to burst through the gates.

Panic, along with desperation, set in, and the Clinton Campaign moved to create a complete fabrication of Donald Trump colluding with Russia to win an election over the heavily favored former First Lady and Senator.

She was in the headlines for an email scandal that would surely sink her with voters—and in a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency moment—they broke the glass, along with a pile of rules and too many laws to remember.

On Election Day 2016, a day when Donald Trump called me at 7:30 in the morning to talk for ten minutes, almost nobody gave him a chance to win—well, except me. I predicted the barbarian would win all the way back in July of 2016.

And win, he did.

The Clinton faithful sobbed, and the body politic convulsed—but did they allow for the peaceful transfer of power?

No. They went into hyperdrive. The spying that began during the campaign continued into the West Wing—and no matter how much President Trump protested and pointed out that he and America had been attacked, the last line of defense for the criminals—the corporate news media—continued to spew the lies first put forth by Hillary Clinton and the Globalists.

So, I think it is important, class, to share with you this piece of American history that will go down as the greatest political scandal in our history—except for maybe the assassination of John F. Kennedy.