You may know how Hitler started his invasion of Poland in 1939. If not, he had German troops dress up as Polish troops and attack a German border installation. Then he placed corpses costumed in uniform at the scene, claiming they were KIA from the attack. Bingo, war.

Vladimir Putin is trying a similar move in Ukraine. The Soviets were known for operations like this and Putin, as an old KGB officer, is well versed in the false flag.

The deal is that somebody targeted the Kremlin with two drones last Wednesday the 3rd. Russian Air Defense supposedly shot them down. The former reds are blaming the Ukrainians, maybe even us.

“We know that often it isn’t even Kyiv that determines the targets, but Washington,” Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the president of the Russian Federation said, as related by the Moscow Times.

He continued, “It’s very important that Washington understands that we know this and understands how dangerous such direct involvement in the conflict is.” The claim is complete horse manure.

It’s likely an FSB operation, ala the Hitler Polish gambit, to manufacture a provocation for a serious attack against Kyiv and or Zelensky. The Biden administration is actually getting this one right.

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“There’s a word that comes to mind that is obviously not appropriate to use on national TV,” Pentagon spox John Kirby said when asked for his reaction.

“Obviously it’s a ludicrous claim,” Kirby further commented. “The United States had nothing to do with this. We don’t even know exactly what happened here… but I can assure you the United States had had no role in it whatsoever.… We neither encourage nor do we enable Ukraine to strike outside Ukraine’s borders.” The Ukes aren’t buying it either.

“Russia is clearly preparing a large-scale terrorist attack. That’s why it first detains a large allegedly subversive group in Crimea. And then it demonstrates ‘drones over the Kremlin,'” Mykhailo Podolyak, Adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, wrote on social media.

“It’s too early to tell who is behind the purported drone attack and whether the attempted attack actually did happen. If Ukraine did do it, it would be viewed by Russia as massive escalation, allowing Putin to obliterate Kyiv, including Zelensky’s residence,” former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Rebekah Koffler told Fox.

She continued, “The way the article is written has signs of Russian disinformation. Versions of this article are all across Russian media, which indicates to me that the Kremlin has approved publishing it. If it is a Russian ‘active measure,’ the goal would be provocation, to provoke, laying the groundwork and the pretext for a ‘retaliation,’ which the article mentioned specifically.”

Absolutely correct. With a bogged down war in Ukraine, Moscow needs a game changer. They think decapitation of senior Ukrainian leadership in Kyiv might do the trick. But they telegraphed their punch. The Ukes will be ready for them.