The Biden-Harris 2024 campaign has begun. If that doesn’t get you to vote Republican, nothing will. Harris is about as useless as Biden. Nevertheless, Biden can’t dump the first black female VP. I’m sure that kingmaker South Carolina Dem Rep. Jim Clyburn, who helped Biden become president, told him that.

Not to mention that Kamala is impeachment insurance. No one will try to impeach the old man with VP Kamala there waiting in the wings. With Biden installed as president again, it also means that the Biden Family Crime Syndicate is good to go and that if they actually have to face any charges, Joey will give them a pardon.

Yes, President Disaster has declared that he will run for re-election to be president of the United States again.

My question is: Who cares?

And even more unimpressive is the fact that Harris will be right there beside him – doing what exactly, I’m not sure. Probably race-baiting like she did the last time.

The list of “accomplishments” that the Democrats tout concerning Biden’s presidency are the same ones that we list as his failures – Afghanistan, the economy, jobs, the border, national security, the government’s COVID-19 response and more.

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The White House updated their website about a week ago to come up with a list all of the Harris- Biden accomplishments and it’s a doozy – especially the first thing on the list which is “lowering costs of families’ everyday expenses.”


Yes, my expenses have REALLY gone done thanks to Joe – the gas for my car, my food, my energy… everything. He’s really on top of things!!!

Biden released a video for his re-election campaign full of photos and video from January 6th where he talks about MAGA extremists and about how he’s protecting freedom (as his administration works to take away more and more of our freedoms everyday).

Biden warns his progressive supporters that it’s “not a time to be complacent” and why he, the 80- year-old ancient geezer before them, should be president again. He would be 86-years-old at the end of his second term if he “wins” again.

President Disaster also said “we’re a nation where we give hate no safe harbor (except towards MAGA extremists and Christians, of course).

He went on to say that everyone is equal. That is laughable since due process and justice for certain people has been out the window since he was elected.

Biden DOES have a few challengers like Marianne Williamson and Robert Kennedy Jr. – but no one who presents a real challenge and would have enough support so that there would be a televised debate.

The Republicans also released a video that says, “What if the weakest president we ever had were re-elected?” First of all, I think it should say “was” and not “were.” Secondly, it’s not a long shot for it to happen considering the corrupt and cheating leftists are still willing to help the guy out – more so now than ever since a new NBC poll shows that seven out of 10 Americans (including 51% of Democrats) don’t want him to run for president.

The RNC AI futuristic video shows a world where Biden was president again – which includes China invading Taiwan, banks collapsing, a massive illegal alien invasion, and San Francisco closing because of crime and fentanyl. At the end of the video, a voice says, “Who’s in charge here? It seems like the train is coming off the tracks.”

Trump released his own video where he says about Biden, “You could take the five worse presidents and put them together and they would not have done the damage that Joe Biden has done to our nation in just a few short years. Not even close.”

In his video, Trump hit on the themes of inflation through Joe’s socialist spending; failing banks; the crashing currency; the dollar possibly ceasing to be the world’s standard; falling wages; energy dependence on others; Afghanistan; high gas prices; the insecure border (including those from mental institutions and prisons being dumped into America); failing cities with crime, drug addicts, and homelessness with criminals being released from jail; law enforcement being weaponized against Republicans; children indoctrinated and mutilated by “left wing freaks and zealots,” military wokeness, Russia, China and Iran issues; the Ukraine war (which he says wouldn’t have happened on his watch); Biden leading us to the brink of World War III; Biden’s corruption; and the cheating and rigging of the last election.

There is a lot of stuff packed in a short four minute and twenty second video.

Trump ends his video announcement by saying that there has never been a “greater contrast between two successive administrations in all of American history, ours being greatness and theirs being failure” and says with a Trump victory, we will all “Make American Great Again.”

I don’t necessarily like either video but I give Trump the slight edge over the one produced by the Republican National Committee. However, both Trump and the RNC need to work on their messaging if they intend to beat sleepy corrupt Joe.

At the end of Biden’s campaign video, he says he wants to “finish” the job. If he wins again, we ARE truly finished.