Since the Biden administration took over control of the United States, the priorities of how the country is ran have changed dramatically. With leftists in charge of policy and money, they have made sure that climate change and DEI are at the top of the list for everything that they do – in addition to other Democratic policies to win them votes in the future.

One of the most insidious things the Democrats have been able to do is infiltrate their wokeness into our national defense.

The “woke” military has become highly un-ready to actually defend the nation with declining recruitment, declining equipment, declining members, and declining readiness…but the Democrats have made sure that our service members have gotten COVID-19 vaccines, they’re “fighting” climate change and they have diversity classes.

Meanwhile, Russia, China and all of our foreign enemies laugh at the joke we’ve become.

Lately, the leaders of our military fighting force have been up to more of their same BS. On one front, they are “fighting” for the right for to use military time and taxpayer money to be able to transport pregnant soldiers to get abortions at civilian hospitals. According to The Hill, Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has a new abortion policy to reimburse service members for the travel costs for “reproductive healthcare.”

When Austin was at a House Armed Services Hearing recently, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) said there was no legal justification for the Pentagon to do what they are doing. Austin responded, “This is important to our force.” Johnson told him that he was not an elected official and shouldn’t be enacting policy not focused on military readiness. Austin said that the troops like the fact that their leaders “care about them.”

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And while the Pentagon is busy spending military time and tax payer money helping women kill their babies because they “care”, they are also allowing drag queen story hours to happen on military bases.

Because…Why let the schools and libraries have all the fun when the Pentagon can be complicit in this new fad?

At the same House Armed Services Hearing described above, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz held up a flyer that advertised a drag queen story hour on Ramstein Air Base in Germany and asked, “How much taxpayer money goes to fund drag queen story hours on military bases?”

Austin answered, “Listen, drag shows are not something that the Department of Defense supports or funds.”

Gaetz went on to describe other celebrations and drag queen events on military bases. General Milley acted surprised about it and said “I’d like to take a look at those myself and find out what actually is going on there because that’s the first I’m hearing about that kind of stuff. I’d like to take a look at those because I don’t agree with those. I think those things shouldn’t be happening.” Of course, later, in a clarification to a reporter, he made sure everyone knew he wasn’t against the celebrations. He just wanted to look into the funding of what was going on for non-military activities on military bases.

So I guess as long as the Pentagon is shelling out the bucks for the drag queen shows, they are free to continue.

Meanwhile, as the Biden administration and the Pentagon worry themselves with abortion, DEI, climate change and drag shows, the Chinese are fling balloons across the country, collecting intelligence from our military sites.

Hopefully, all they are getting are drag queen story hour schedules.