A worker in a Catholic Church gets assaulted, spray painted in the face and hit by a rock thrown at them. The same church has its statue of the Virgin Mary destroyed.

The same church had a woman praying inside when a rock was thrown in front of a pastoral office at a glass window, with the perp also throwing and kicking broken glass into the building.

One of the church entrances was destroyed and the door to the parish’s schooling area was also smashed.

The same church gets defaced with profane graffiti. According to the Daily Mail, phrases like ‘F— Catholics,’ ‘Religion of hate,’ ‘go to your fake hell,’ ‘groomers,’ ‘rapists,’ ‘woman haters,’ and a spray- painted message calling Catholics ‘liars’ appeared among the graffiti.

A police car was also damaged by the suspect’s backpack filled with spray paint cans.

All of this was done by the same person on the same day in June of 2022, The criminal who is responsible for the crimes is Maeve Nota, a 31-year-old transgender. He also resisted arrest. This person took his violent ire to the St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington less than a week after the Supreme Court’s decision that overturned Roe vs. Wade (although it’s not known if the criminal behavior of Nota and the abortion case were connected.) Law enforcement also said that Nota appeared to be intoxicated.

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Bellevue Police Captin Darryl McKinney said what Nota did would be classified under a hate crime statute. In addition, destruction of religious property, a misdemeanor, can carry up to one year in prison and $100K in fines. Not to mention the assault charges.

However, (and this won’t shock you I’m sure) Nota will NOT be getting any jail time from the Biden DOJ for his crimes. Nota really didn’t have anything to worry about because the Biden administration has the back of their Democrat voter base. Nota will most likely just end up with three years of probation and that will be that. He’ll be sentenced on June 2nd.

Fox News reported on this “sweetheart plea” and they also discussed it on their TV show “Outnumbered” on Wednesday. The plea agreement includes ZERO jail time, which sits in severe contrast to the Biden DOJ going after their political opponents like pro-life protesters outside of abortion clinics.

Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, told Fox News Digital, “It is very clear that the Biden Justice Department has politicized and weaponized the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act) to go after pro-life Christians praying outside of abortion clinics like Mark Houck while turning a blind eye to violent felons terrorizing and badly damaging Catholic churches like Maeve Nota. The Biden Justice Department tried to put Houck in prison for 11 years for defending his son while recommending no jail time for Nota after this deranged trans terrorist badly damaged a Catholic church, fought with the police, assaulted a church employee, and scared the hell out of a little old lady praying.”

I’m not sure what the rules are about filing civil lawsuits in these matters, but if the Democrats are going to keep letting their criminal supporters and voters off the hook when it comes to the crimes that they are committing, maybe this is the road that we need to start traveling.