Apparently to gain the nearly non-existent Republican middle and to jab at Ron DeSantis, on Wednesday Nikki Haley said she would welcome a Disney World relocation to South Carolina. Wow. That’s dumb. The DeSantis PAC wasted no time in pouncing on her gaffe.

From the video below, “I was just, wherever I could, just basically adding queerness,” one Disney perv said, while another touted giving “information about gender affirmation procedures.” Yeah, South Carolina is just gonna love that.

DeSantis was not alone. Fox, “On Twitter, Haley’s tweet was met with swift backlash by conservatives and others, with commentator Ian Miles Cheong calling it ‘bad optics,’ while far-right commentator Michael Cernovich claimed the remark to be the ‘only way’ voters “know she exists” in the GOP field. Musician Chad Prather simply responded ‘fire yourself.’ ”

With Trump taking the populists and DeSantis or Scott taking the conservatives there may be 10-15 percent at play in the relative middle. But it’s not nearly enough to win the nomination or perhaps even many primaries. This dog won’t hunt.

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That’s why Larry Hogan, among other reasons, decided to sit out the race. In the general election the middle is vital, but still small given the rampant polarization in American politics today.

One could understand running to the right in the primaries and then running towards the center in the general. It’s a tried and true strategy. But dear lord, running to the middle in the primaries? Idiocy.

And it’s weird she’s doing that, because Haley has legitimate conservative creds. As a woman and successful governor she brings a lot to the table, things conservatives respect. No bombthrower or populist, she makes conservative sounds all the time, especially on her opposition to woke social programming.

Like this, “Across the sporting world, the game is being rigged against women and in favor of biological men,” Haley wrote for National Review. “President Biden is the latest man to do the rigging, which is strange coming from someone billed as a defender of women.”

And this, “In one of his first acts as president, he signed an executive order paving the way for a federal mandate that all schools receiving federal funding let biological men play on women’s sports teams,” Haley continued. “The order was framed as a matter of transgender rights. But really, it was an attack on women’s rights…generations of women fought hard to ensure that their daughters and granddaughters had a level playing field, because girls deserve the same chance as boys to play sports.”

So she toes the Republican line on transgender issues involving women’s sports but gets all gooey when she talks about Disney, a massive supporter of any kind of kink and child grooming known to man? What gives?

Sounds like bad handling. Her pros want to win the media primary and are hoping to contrast her as a moderate amongst conservatives. One problem lads, it’s a conservative party. The middle left with the Tea Party revolution of 2010. Haley should know that and stay consistently on the right. If she doesn’t she’ll be relegated to the Asa Hutchinson bottom of the barrel. And rightly so.