Donald Trump’s poll numbers are soaring in matchups against Joe Biden. Rasmussen shows that since news of the indictment broke, Trump has gone from a three-point deficit to a commanding seven-point lead.

The poll came out the same day Trump was indicted in a Manhattan courtroom in a ridiculous scheme accusing him of 34 felonies for making a $130,000 non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels over an alleged one-night stand that she denied ever happened.

But it seems America is rejecting the whole notion of a two-tiered justice system—one where anything Trump or Republicans do is a crime while anything Joe Biden or the Democrats do can never be a crime.

Yeah, that is where we find ourselves in the spring of 2023. We live in a world where up is down, right is wrong, and anyone who speaks up against the insanity is a domestic terrorist.

We are told open borders are secure. Men are selling sports bras for women. Inflation is good for the economy. Words are violence, and freedom of speech is a threat to democracy. Welfare is encouraged, and work is based on white privilege. Burning down cities is fine if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Torching thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals is safe, but driving to work will kill the planet. Banning pornographic books in elementary school is an affront to the First Amendment, but canceling conservatives is the morally correct thing to do. Abortion promotes life, and mutilating children’s genitals is healthcare. Working hard and creating wealth is evil, but collecting government checks is applauded. China can fly spy balloons over America but seeing Hunter Biden’s laptop is an invasion of privacy. Statues of Americans must be torn down, but reverence for Che Guevara is good. Funding another proxy war in Ukraine is wise while China gears up for war and our soldiers practice using the right pronouns. And, of course, smoking weed is good for you, but smoking cigarettes will kill you and your kids!

Stop it! For the love of God, just stop it!

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I am not going to sit here and listen to this ridiculous blather. We are better than this, and everyone knows it. I am not willing to allow the insanity to go unchallenged. I am not endorsing violence, but I am demanding that like-minded people speak up everywhere all the time.

Start shaming people and pointing out that letting children dictate their feelings to us—and therefore telling us how to run things they don’t even understand—makes us weak and just might get us all killed in a war.

Sitting in the dark is not superior to using fossil fuels. Bulldozing power plants while China builds a new coal-fired power plant every 12 days is not prudent—it’s suicide.

Allowing 100,000 Americans this year to be poisoned by fentanyl and not calling it an act of war by China, Mexico, and the drug cartels is not taking the high road—it’s taking the shortest route to the graveyard.

Declaring everything under the sun a human right doesn’t make it so—it makes people believe they are entitled to the fruits of your labor. And to be clear—they are not.

You are not entitled to what I have worked for, inherited, or bartered for, and I am not entitled to what is yours.

Just because the government says it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not stealing.

Remember, it was illegal to be Jewish in 1935 Germany—and that certainly wasn’t right. Keep that in mind when you evaluate who is telling you what is right and wrong.

You can always tell who a tyrant is by whom you are not allowed to criticize or question.

Here is my point—I will never ask another man or woman to work and sacrifice for me, nor will I bend to the demands I do so for others.

Working hard and earning wealth is not greedy or selfish—it is morally correct—and it is my duty to provide for myself, my family, and anyone else I deem worthy.

It is yours too, and it is not for the government to decide—period!

I don’t owe you anything, you don’t owe me anything, and this country owes both of us nothing. No matter how dire my life may ever become, I have made my decisions, and that’s on me. It’s not on you. I am not a victim, and no, I don’t have any special privilege except to work 16 hours a day and try to earn the best living I can.

You are welcome to do the same.

I am tired of the ridiculous double standards, the victimhood mentality, and the people that think that because they were born, the world owes them a house, a meal, a car, a phone, and of course, lots and lots of entertainment.

The world owes you and them absolutely nothing. 

Sorry, but sitting on your ass pontificating about things you don’t understand and cannot explain because you saw it on TikTok does not entitle you to the things I have earned. You may come and take things in the name of the greater good, but the government has almost never delivered the greater good—and again, even if it’s legal, it’s still stealing!

The government will declare they built a bridge or a road, but they never tell you what would have been built by private hands if those resources had remained with them. What would private enterprise and great minds create?

Sadly we never get to find out.

Andrew Carnegie built thousands of libraries. Henry Ford built an industry and a nation. Cornelius Vanderbilt built Grand Central Station, and John Rockefeller built an American energy empire. Not a dime of government money to be found there— not anywhere.

So pardon me if I have had all I can take of self-important, self-entitled ignorant little snot-nosed brats who think America is unfair unless they get a monthly check. As far as I am concerned, they can starve.

There I got that off my chest—how are you doing today?