It is NASA lore that when someone asked the Mercury astronauts what made the rockets fly, they answered: funding. As the saying went, “No bucks, no Buck Rogers.”

Well, the same is true for social policy activists, especially on the left wing. They had a big fundraising win with AIDS, falsely convincing many that the disease was a plague that struck average Americans as much as it did the gay community. The moolah to support that contention came in by truckloads.

In a policy win, gay marriage is now generally accepted. No problem for a nation that has been operationally libertarian on social issues for some time. Now a new cause was needed to keep the dollars rolling into Bolshie coffers.

What the social left came up with was a transgender agenda based on the absurd and wholly unscientific notion that one can change their biological gender on a whim. Because the ground was ripe with tolerance, the timing was right.

Americans over the last generation, at least most of them, have adopted a live and let live attitude when it comes to many heretofore fringe views, especially on gay rights and gay marriage. As it should be, for civil and constitutional rights are not contingent upon sexual orientation.

However, the hard left, seeing success there, pushed issues to the extreme. All manner of novel depravity was now marketed as norms. Sexualizing elementary school kids, drag shows in junior highs, and attempting to gain acceptance of pedophilia are all in the leftist playbook. Much of it has been successfully implemented all over the country, though the backlash is growing every day.

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But the current method to keep the victimhood payroll machine in motion are the ridiculous claims of the transgender lobby.

Their science is farcical, their logic pathetic, the very foundation of their argument vile to the core. Which is what caused it to be ubercontroversial, thus causing a Newtonian Third Law effect the hard left can use for paranoid victimhood-based fundraising. It’s a marketing ploy, a sales strategy, an ad campaign to gin up the cause. It’s so deviously insidious in its ability to feed upon gullible poodle people that Don Draper would have won a CLIO for it.

It has celebrity shills like swimmer Lia Thomas, Biden poster boy Sam Brinton, and who knows what Dylan Mulvaney. Though one quite never is certain whether it’s their shtick for attention, their lifestyle, or they went whole hog and mutilated themselves to live a biological lie.

Now, is it their right to abuse themselves any way they like? Absolutely. But their delusions do not necessitate others buying into their dreamscape. They certainly get the same rights as any American. However, they don’t get special rights that repeal common sense, logic, and biological reality.

By the way, that’s regarding adults. Parents who take their hard left gender notions and impose barbaric surgical procedures on their children to conform to Bolshevik fads should be prosecuted for child abuse of the worst kind. What is a fundraising campaign for the perv lobby has been a tragedy for many kids who underwent the scalpels of the Modern Mengeles of radical left bioengineering.

When this gimmick runs its course what next? Marrying inanimate objects? Civil unions with barnyard animals? Mandatory dating of Maxine Waters? The mind reels at the horrors.

No matter what the new talking point is, it will be yet another stop on the leftist journey to destroy the American family. It is their ultimate social goal. It always has been.