The attack on your way of life is continuing, and it’s picking up speed every day, whether you realize it or not.

I used to think that America would never support the Green New Deal and abortion up to the moment of birth. I still believe that, but the problem is that theocrats don’t care what most Americans think or want. They want what they want and will do anything to secure it.

We had American energy independence just three years ago. That was something I never thought we would achieve in this country, but after years of hard work and American ingenuity, we became a net exporter of energy.

But as soon as the Democrats got a tiny majority in the House and Senate and a near-vegetative simpleton in the White House, they went after all of it.

Trust me when I tell you, once you hear about some nonsensical crazy leftist idea and you laugh it off—the Democrats and the financiers of such lunacy are already well down the road to making it a reality.

Take, for example, this whole idea of turning America—one of the largest pieces of real estate in the world—into a place where only electric vehicles are driven.

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It is a totally ridiculous idea that makes no sense at all. Do you really think you are driving from Boston to St. Louis in an EV without stopping several times? How about Flagstaff to Minneapolis? No, of course not, but the Green New Dealers see an opening, and they are fervently dedicated to their political agenda.
Republicans are far too soft to do much good when it comes to guarding the fort of America—they are far too quick to fold.
Do you ever remember Barack Obama folding? How about Nancy Pelosi? No, because the Democrats always act in concert. They have always worked together to consolidate money and power.

What you are seeing now is decades of dedicated work coming together—because even though America is a center-right nation—and for a few more years we will be—the push, pull, and drag mentality of the left is on the move.

America is not ready for EVs to dominate—our electric grid, as we saw in Texas during a bad winter storm or in California during a heat wave, is not ready for the increased load. During that heat wave, Governor Green Bomb Newsome even told people not to charge their electric cars during the day to save energy.

But none of that matters. They are on the Green New Deal superhighway to nowhere and are more than happy to drive us all off the cliff while holding the hand of the Chinese Communist Party.

The crazy part is that some of the leftist zombies that will blindly follow the agenda right into the depths of hell know that these policies are stone-cold losers but fight for them anyway. That is the level of dedication we are up against.